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Shakin' it From the Foundation

Shakin' it From the Foundation

Mixed by Erik Magni

Out in February 2011 - Published on 18 Mar 2011 - Genre: Modern Roots, Hip-Hop, Rocksteady, Nyabinghi - 7488 views

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Time again for a mix with some great reggae music. Shakin’ it From the Foundation is a mixed dish of contemporary reggae. I’ve added some rock steady, nyabinghi and hip-hop infused one drop.

Most productions are European. You have the great Roberto Sánchez from Spain, Curtis Lynch from the UK and Frenchman Sherkhan, now operating from Jamaica though.

There are both originals and relicks. Youl’ll probably recognize the last riddim in the mix as it provided the backing for the Mighty Diamonds hit tune Pass the Kouchie from the early 80’s.

Liquid’s Hold a Vibe will probably also sound familiar. It’s based on the Liquidatorriddim produced by Harry J in the late 60’s. The best known version is probably I’ll Take You There by American soul group Staple Singers.

All tunes are of course carefully selected. But Rasta Chant stands out since its performer passed soon after it was released. J.O.E died only 25 years old from a brain aneurysm.

As usual – Shakin’ it From the Foundation is a continuous mix with no full tracks and some added sound effects. If you like what you hear, please support the artists, producers and labels and purchase the tunes. Most of them are available on vinyl, mp3 or CD.

Artist – song title (label – riddim)

1. Alpheus – From Creation (A-Lone – Dirty Dozen)
2. Lone Ark Riddim Force – Creation Dub (A-Lone – Dirty Dozen)
3. Courtney John – Love Is (Joe Fraser – You Don’t Need Me)
4. Sadiki – Change Your Mind (Joe Fraser – You Don’t Need Me)
5. Liquid – Hold a Vibe (Liquidator)
6. Junior X & Sizzla – Changes (Tiger – Electricity 2nd Part: DC)
7. Perfect – So Much I Love You (Tiger – Electricity 2nd Part: DC)
8. Sherkhan – Electricity Riddim Version (Tiger – Electricity 1st Part: AC)
9. Sizzla – Terrible Stranger (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
10. Monster Twins – Congo Drum (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
11. J.O.E – Rasta Chant (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
12. Tarrus Riley – Chaka Zulu Pickney (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
13. Bombrush Muzik – Nyabinghi Instrumental (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
14. Jah Marnyah – Be Careful (Next Generation Family – Backstabber)
15. Queen Omega – Take Control (Next Generation Family – Backstabber)
16. Next Generation Family – Backstabber Riddim Version (Next Generation Family –Backstabber)
17. Franz Job – Special Lover (Necessary Mayhem – Pass the Kouchie)
18. Mr. Williamz – Tommy Ranks (Necessary Mayhem – Pass the Kouchie)
19. Da Grynch – Pass the Kouchie Instrumental (Necessary Mayhem – Pass the Kouchie)

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