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Tarrus Riley & Friends - A showcase

Tarrus Riley & Friends - A showcase

Mixed by Better Must Come

Out in August 2010 - Published on 10 Mar 2011 - Genre: Modern Roots - 31755 views

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Ask me the question what my favourite modern reggae artist at this moment is and I wont need much time to think about an answer: Tarrus Riley. With three albums (Challenges, Parables and Contagious) and numerous singles out he has shown to be an excellent recording artist on both roots and dancehall riddims (ok, gotta admit, I'm don't rate his debut-album Challenges that high). Lyrically great and special in comparison to quite some of his colleagues (whether it's cultural or lovers themes), wicked vocal-lines and flow and great voice. He reminds me a bit of a modern version of the late great Alton Ellis. Big singer. Next to that, he also has an excellent live show, touring the world with the Black Soil band featuring Dean Fraser, one of the better backing bands out there. To show my appreciation for the man's work I made a mix, which soon became a double-episode clocking in close to 80 mins, with my favourite Tarrus tracks, sometimes in combination with one or at most two other tracks on the same riddim to keep the focus on the repertoire of mister Tarrus Riley. Mix is in the usual BMC style; no full tracks, one continuous mix with added soundsamples: promotional style! See below for the tracklist and sources of each tune and check the cover-art I again made for this one.

Support the man Tarrus Riley by buying his albums, singles (when the tracks do appear for sale, which isn't always the case these days) and visit his show. All well worth it!

1) Tarrus Riley - System Set (Parables album track)
2) Tarrus Riley - Wildfire (Don Corleon - Major & Minor riddim)
3) Jah Cure - Respect (Don Corleon - Major & Minor riddim)
4) Lutan Fyah - Come Over (Don Corleon - Major & Minor riddim)
5) Tarrus Riley - Love's Contagious (Contagious album track - Coming In From The Cold riddim)
6) Gyptian - Life Hard (John John - Coming In From The Cold riddim)
7) Tarrus Riley - Parables (Parables album track)
8) Tarrus Riley - Nobody Knows (Don Corleon - Feelings riddim)
9) Pressure - Coming Right Back (Don Corleon - Feelings riddim)
10) Denyque - That Place (Don Corleon - Feelings riddim)
11) Tarrus Riley - Living The Life Of A Gun (custom extended mix) (Cannon)
12) Tarrus Riley - Good To Be There ft. Chalice (Cannon) 
13) Tarrus Riley - Life Precious Gift (Joe Frasier - Chi Chi Bud riddim)
14) Terry Linen - No Time To Linger (Joe Frasier - Chi Chi Bud riddim)
15) Tarrus Riley - Dangerous Diseases ft. Michigan (Cannon)
16) Tarrus Riley - Protect Your Neck (Fat Eyes - Midnight Hour riddim)
17) Tarrus Riley - Spen Shell Fly aka Sweet Jamaica (John John - Zion Gate riddim)
18) Sizzla - Music In My Soul (John John - Zion Gate riddim)
19) Tarrus Riley - Lion Paw (Parables)
20) Tarrus Riley - Marcus Teaching aka Love Created I (Cannon - Jah Live riddim)
21) Duane Stephenson - August Town (Cannon - Jah Live riddim)
22) Tarrus Riley - Superman (Contagious album track)
23) Tarrus Riley - Young Heart Reminiscing (extended) (Peckings) 
24) Tarrus Riley - Getty Getty No Want Ee (Don Corleon - Changes riddim)
25) Alaine - Without You (Don Corleon - Changes riddim)
26) Tarrus Riley - Start A New (Contagious album track - Nylon riddim)
27) Etana - Chatty Mouth aka Loose Talking (Jukeboxx - Nylon riddim)
28) Tarrus Riley - She's Royal (Parables album track - She's Royal riddim)
29) Lloyd Brown - Show Me That You Love Me (Joe Frasier - She's Royal riddim)
30) Tarrus Riley - Why So Much Wickedness (Contagious album track)
31) Tarrus Riley - Micro Chip (Parables album track)
32) Tarrus Riley - Good Girl Gone Bad ft. Konshens (Contagious album track)
33) Tarrus Riley - Who's Responsible (2 Hard Music - City Life riddim)
34) Elephant Man - Let Me Be The Man (2 Hard Music - City Life riddim)
35) Tarrus Riley - Low Di Trees ft. Aidonia (Russian)
36) Tarrus Riley - Mi Homeland (Jukeboxx - Stagalag riddim)
37) Assassin - Bam Bam (Jukeboxx - Stagalag riddim)
38) Romain Virgo - Ghetto (Jukeboxx - Stagalag riddim)
39) Tarrus Riley - Far Away (Don Corleon - Love Potion riddim)
40) Tarrus RIley - Beware (Parables album track)
41) Tarrus Riley - I Sight (Contagious album track)
42) Tarrus Riley - Forever More ft. & Alaine (Don Corleon)
43) Tarrus Riley - Back Biter (Don Corleon - Far Away riddim)
44) Pressure - Hear My Cry (Don Corleon - Far Away riddim)
45) Tarrus Riley - Poverty Nuh Inna Fashion (Maximum Sound - Rebellion 2010)
46) Johnny Clarke & Fantan Mojah - Rebel With A Cause (Maximum Sound - Rebellion 2010)
47) Tarrus Riley - Children A Pree Wi (Jukeboxx - Boops riddim)
48) Busy Signal - Government Gone Luu (Jukeboxx - Boops riddim)
49) Tarrus Riley - Pull Up Selector ft. Jimmy Riley (Taxi - Tune In riddim)
50) Tarrus Riley - It Will Come (Contagious album track)

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Posted by Natcha on 03.11.2011
Big up Tarrus Riley and nice mix!

Posted by Felipe on 03.19.2011
Lovin all the mixes, any chance these can be downloaded?
Jah Bless

Posted by xavier on 03.19.2011

You can get it here:

Posted by claudio on 01.17.2012
I like this music!

Posted by BChaps on 03.09.2012
Three blind mice .......those parables .....I like the music

Posted by Lotta on 05.17.2016
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