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Tribute To Joe Gibbs

Tribute To Joe Gibbs

Mixed by Youth Lion Sound

Out in July 2009 - Published on 11 Mar 2011 - Genre: Roots - 33986 views

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Tribute to Joe Gibbs

1 - Eddy Ford - Whip Them / JOGIB Records (1972) 
2 - Love Generations (Niney & Max Romeo) - A How You Panty (Get Wet) /  JOGIB Records (1971) 
3 - Eddy Ford - If You Had Known /  JOGIB Records (1972) 
4 - Nicky Thomas - Love Of The Common People / Joe Gib's Blank (1970) 
5 - Joe Gibbs & Destroyers - Free Lancer / Joe Gib's Blank (1970) 
6 - Leo Graham - Not Giving Up / Belmont (1975) 
7 - The Ethiopians - Band Your Belly /  Belmont (1976) 
8 - Peter Tosh (Wailing Souls Backing Vocal) - Here Comes The Judge /  Joe Gibbs (1973)
9 - Sylford Walker - Burn Babylon / Joe Gibbs (1975)
10 - Prince Far I (Naggo "Dolphin" Morris - Backing Vocal) - Heavy Manners / Lightning Records (1977) 
11 - Dennis Walks - Almighty I / Joe Gibbs (1978)
12 - Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking / Joe Gibbs (1977)
13 - Clint Eastwood - Badder Than You / Town & Country (1977) 
14 - Trinity - Three Piece Suit (Marcia Aitken - Backing Vocal) / Belmont (1977) 
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Better Callie / Town & Country (1977) 
15 - Dillinger - War Is Over / Errol T (1978)
16 - Tall Dread - Tean Years Late / Belmont (1979)
17 - Dennis Brown & Prince Mohammed - Money In My Pocket / Lightning Records - 12" (1978) 
18 - Dennis Brown & Big Youth - Running Up And Down / Joe Gibbs - 12" (1978)
19 - Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Take Heed Brother / Joe Gibbs - 12" (1978)

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