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Jump For Joy - BMC presents Singers & Deejays

Jump For Joy - BMC presents Singers & Deejays

Mixed by Better Must Come

Out in May 2011 - Published on 14 Jun 2011 - Genre: Roots - 15524 views

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Been a long time since I made a true foundation-styled mix, so really wanted to do one again. Had an idea of combining a whole bunch of (early) roots tunes with their deejay cuts by a variety of singers, groups and deejays. This is the result, well-known tunes with lesser known deejay cuts, well known deejay cuts with lesser known vocal efforts and I guess everything in between. Main selection criterium was: good music. Setlist would probably look different tomorrow, but this is what I came up with this time. Big music, in late 60s to mid 70s style (although some deejay cuts might be recorded somewhat later), enjoy the riding of the riddims!

Tracks in order of appearance with in brackets the sourcenumber referring to the album-list below the tracklist or, in case of 45s, referring to the label.

1a) Marcia Griffiths - Working To The Top (1)
1b) Count Machuki - Dr. Sappa Too (1)
2a) Lloyd Charmers - What Can I Do (XYZ)
2b) U Roy - Officially (XYZ)
3a) The Maytones - Black And White (2)
3b) Cat Campbell - President In School (3)
4a) Jimmy London - A Little Love (Impact)
4b) Dr. Alimantado - Mary Lou (Impact)
4c) Peter Tosh - A Little Melodica (Impact)
4d) Impact Allstars - A Little Version (Impact)
5a) Eric Donaldson - Lonely Nights (2)
5b) U Roy - On Top Of The Peak (3)
6a) Clancy Eccles & The Dynamites - The World Needs Loving (4)
6b) King Stitt - Jump for Joy (5)
7a) Carl Dawkins - Get Together (Techniques)
7b) Carl Dawkins & Tony - Get Together (Techniques)
7c) Version (Techniques)
8a) Keith Hudson - Rudy Hot Stuff (Mafia)
8b) I Roy - Hot Stuff (Mafia)
9a) Claudius Linton - Crying Time (Outa National Music)
9b) Prince Heron - Crying In Babylon (Outa National Music)
9c) Soul Syndicate - Crying Dub (Outa National Music)
10a) Burning Spear - Door Peeper (6)
10b) Prince Jazzbo - Imperial I (7)
11a) The Abyssinians - Declaration of Rights (8)
11b) Sir Harry - Musical Rights (Clinch)
12a) Errol Gordon - Reggae Music (9)
12b) Jah Woosh - Reggae Music (9)
12c) Errol Gordon - Reggae Music Version (9)
13a) Bob Marley & The Wailers - Trenchtown Rock (Trax On Wax 10")
13b) U Roy with Bob Marley & The Wailers - Kingston 12 Shuffle (Trax On Wax 10")
13c) Bob Marley & The Wailers - Grooving KGN 12 (Trax On Wax 10")
14a) Ken Boothe - Black Gold & Green (Soul Beat)
14b) I Roy - Red Gold & Green (Soul Beat)
15a) Gregory Isaacs - Thief A Man (10)
15b) Dr. Alimantado - Gimme Mi Gun (11)
16a) Eric Donaldson - Love Of The Common People (12)
16b) Dennis Alcapone - Alcapone Guns Don't Argue (13)
17a) Junior Byles - Curly Locks (Clocktower)
17b) Johnny Lover - Ital Locks (Clocktower)
17c) Vital Drums (Clocktower)
18a) Derrick Harriott - Do I Worry (14)
18b) Scotty - I Worry (15)
19a) Horace Andy - Don't Think About Me (I Am Alright) (Mafia)
19b) Big Youth - Can You Keep A Secret (Mafia)
19c) Chuckles - Melody Maker Version 2 (Mafia)
20a) Heptones - Love Without Feeling (Moodisc)
20b) Big Joe & Mudie's All Stars - Lick Them Face (Moodisc)
20c) Mudie's All Stars - Dub Them Face (Moodisc)
21a) Larry Marshall - Mean Girl (16)
21b) Prince Far I - Natty Farmyard (17)
22a) Gregory Isaacs - Loving Pauper (Jahara)
22b) I Roy - Pauper And The King (Jahara)
23a) Dennis Brown - Baby Don't Do It (18)
23b) Lone Ranger - Monkey Sue (18)

Sources other than 45s (track 'm down and buy when possible, worth it!!!):

(1) Homemade Studio One CD-R compilation
(2) From GG's Reggae Hit Stable Volumes 1 & 2 (Jamaican Gold)
(3) From Chapter To Version 1970 - 1974 (Jamaican Gold)
(4) Clancy Eccles & The Dynamites - Nyah Reggae Rock (Jamaican Gold)
(5) King Stitt - Reggae Fire Beat (Jamaican Gold)
(6) Burning Spear - Creation Rebel (Heartbeat)
(7) Prince Jazzbo - Choice Of Version (Studio One)
(8) Studio One Story (Soul Jazz)
(9) CD-R with 45 on Regal and Jah Woosh's track from his Religious Dread LP
(10) Gregory Isaacs - The Prime Of Gregory Isaacs (Music Club)
(11) Dr. Alimantado - Best Dressed Chicken In Town (Keyman)
(12) Eric Donaldson - Love Of The Common People (Jamaican Gold)
(13) Dennis Alcapone - Guns Don't Argue (Jamaican Gold)
(14) Derrick Harriott & The Revolutionaries - Reggae Chart Busters Seventies Style (Crystal)
(15) Scotty - Draw Your Breaks (Crystal)
(16) Larry Marshall - Presenting ... (Studio One)
(17) Studio One DJ's (Soul Jazz)
(18) From Matador's Arena Vol. 3 1971 - 1979 (Jamaican Gold)

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