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Reggae Aroma Vol. 1

Reggae Aroma Vol. 1

Mixed by Yaadcore

Out in July 2011 - Published on 02 Sep 2011 - Genre: Modern Roots - 42703 views

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With the summer season just about over, BESS 100 FM's Yaadcore (formerly Rory Yaadcore) is continuing his momentum with yet another musical mix. The new scent in the streets is called Reggae Aroma, a strict compilation of culture hits that features Sizzla, Protoje, Damian Marley, Pressure, plus other big names and younger talents such as Jesse Royal and Kabaka Pyramid. The first of what will become a series, Reggae Aroma comes hot on the heels of Yaadcore's This is Protoje mixtape, which has been available for free download since July.

Reggae Aroma The First

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Posted by Carrie on 09.04.2011
Big up uself Rory!

Posted by Yaadcore on 09.05.2011

Posted by Jessica on 09.05.2011
Where is the download link???

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Posted by Justice on 07.23.2016
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Posted by Teige on 08.01.2016
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Posted by Hessy on 08.02.2016
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Posted by Coralee on 08.12.2016
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Posted by King on 08.12.2016
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Posted by Cordelia on 08.24.2016
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Posted by Happy on 09.02.2016
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Posted by Coltin on 09.03.2016
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Posted by Solyn on 09.06.2016
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Posted by Artie on 09.07.2016
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    April 2013 Listen to this mix


  • A Rootical Ting'

    April 2012 Listen to this mix

    1-Richie Spice – Dem Cry
    2-Etana –...

  • Family Tree - Marley Mix - Disc 2

    January 2013 Listen to this mix

    Reggae music fans everywhere consider Bob Marley the...

  • Tarrus Riley & Friends - A showcase

    August 2010 Listen to this mix

    Ask me the question what my favourite modern reggae...

  • Tarrus Riley VS Garnett Silk

    November 2012 Listen to this mix

    The best of Tarrus Riley & Garnett Silk.


Latest mixes

Reggae Aroma Vol. 2 - The Revival
By Yaadcore on 13 Apr 2013
Genre: Modern Roots
Riddim Haffie Roll
By Million Vibes on 13 Apr 2013
Genre: Modern Roots
Far East
By Mick Sleeper on 13 Apr 2013
Genre: Roots, Dub
A Rootical Ting'
By Safari Sound on 24 Mar 2013
Genre: Modern Roots

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