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Straight To Kingston Connexion Ears

Straight To Kingston Connexion Ears

Mixed by Balaganjah

Out in February 2008 - Published on 29 Oct 2011 - Genre: Roots - 4961 views

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Skunkride meets Ras Congo @ Ganjah Vibes studio.

1. Niney The Observer - Sir Niney's Rock (Observer 10")
2. Joe White - When Will They Stop The Fighting (Melrose 7")
3. The Revealers - Jail House Free (Auralux LP)
4. Fred Locks - Wheat & Tears (Vp LP)
5. Roots & Wailers Band - Evil That You Do (Impact 7")
6. Booker T - Down Presser (Ethnic 12")
7. Dennis Alcapone - Pressure In A Babylon (Ethnic 12")
8. Dennis Brown - Easy Take It Easy (Studio One 7")
9. Patrick Andy - Living In Mount ZIon (Vivian Jackson 7")
10. Mount Zion Version (Vivian Jackson 7")
11. Raphael Tomlinson - This Situation (Munche 7")
12. Twinkle Brothers - Never Get Burn (Virgin FL 12")
13. Errol Grandson - Jah Garden (Rite Sound 7")
14. Jah Garden Version (Rite Sound 7")
15. Ijahman - Trades Man (Jahmani 7")
16. Judah Eskender Tafari - Rastafari Tell You (Studio One 7")
17. Willie Williams - Come Make We Rally (Black Roots 12")
18. Horace Fergison & Trinity - Look What You Have Done (GGs 12")
19. Yabby You - Babylon A Fall (Grove 12")

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