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Culture Megamix Part 1

Culture Megamix Part 1

Mixed by Higher-Fidelity Sound

Out in January 2012 - Published on 30 Jan 2012 - Genre: Modern Roots - 10703 views

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What Ya Gonna Do-Pressure Buss Pipe (single)
Rude Boy-Winstrong (single)
Rude Boy Riddim Instrumental

No Doubt Riddim
Worldwide Love-Busy Signal
Put Down Your Guns-Pressure Buss Pipe
No War-Tony Curtis
No Pam Pam-Omar Perry
No Control-Uwe Banton & Jahcoustix
No Doubt-Dub Inc & Tarrus Riley
So We Stay-Capleton

Reminisce Riddim
Troddin' On-Jah Hem
My Blessing-Lutan Fyah
Don't Lie-TOK
True Friends-Lukie D
Crime Time-Red Rose
Reminisce Riddim Instrumental

Broken Hearts Riddim
Mi Sorry-I Octane
Listen-Da Professor
Bless Mi-Tarrus Riley
Stand Firm-Pressure Buss Pipe
Survivor-Richie Spice

Fast Lane-Winstrong (single)

Deep Cover Riddim
Keep On Walkin'-I Octane
Still A Carry On-Agent Sasco
Hear What I Say-Busy Signal
Hard Fi Love-Konshens
When We Touch-Denyque
Without You-Natel

Matchbox Riddim
Give Thanks-Million Stylez
Praises-Asante Amen
When You Cry-Gappy Ranks
Calling Out Your Name-Chevaugn
Real Love-Unga
Hold On To This Love-Raphael
Call Me Know- KG Man
Give Me A Try-Iceman
Against All Odds-Keera Rootz
Forgive Me-Julia Lenti

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