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Culture Megamix Part 2

Culture Megamix Part 2

Mixed by Higher-Fidelity Sound

Out in January 2012 - Published on 30 Jan 2012 - Genre: Modern Roots, Dancehall - 21318 views

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Life Riddim
Treat You Right-Hyah Slice
Break Free-D'Angel
My Life-Bugle
Don't Give Up-Black Lion
Real Fi We-Radeal
Betta Dem-Chris Martin
Earth Strong-Agent Sasco
No Love-Jah Vinci
Fly Again-I Octane
Hard In A Earth-Busy Signal

I'm Gonna Make It-Warrior King, Chani, & Biggaton (single)

Heart & Soul Riddim
From My Heart-Jah Cure
Your Love I Miss-Richie Loop
Missing You-Busy Signal
Where's My Wife-Million Stylez
When You're Here-Chevaughn
Can't Come Between-Hezron
That's What Love's About-D Major
Girlfriends-Chris Martin
In This World-Further Notice
Warning-Chuck Fenda
Puff Puff Pass-Future Fambo

Calm Sea Riddim
In My Heart-Bertus
Can Hold Yuh-Lutan Fyah
You're Mine-Tabetta Shae
For My Love- J Silk

Steel Strings Riddim
Need A Wife-Konshens
She's Mine-Zamunda
Give Mi Your Love-Stein
Versatile In Love-Zagga
Set Me Free-Jah Vinci
Got To Get Going-Chris Martin
They Don't Know-Versatile
Dash Weh Mi Troubles- G Whizz
My Problems Gone- I Octane

Bubble Gum Riddim
All Or Nothing-Alaine
She Heard It Before-Demarco
Bubble Pon Mi-Voicemail
Simply Amazing-Ela Dia
Real Love-Wayne Marshall
Call Fi Mi Cure-Tessanne
Nuh Want Yuh No More-Tifa
Show Love-Vital
Jah Love Mi-Konshens

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Posted by Jamcore on 02.20.2012
Like the Mix. May I have the download mix.

Posted by brian t mujuru on 02.28.2012
Send us more roots

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Posted by Marel on 08.22.2016
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Posted by Lola on 09.01.2016
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Posted by Marv on 09.07.2016
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Posted by Johnelle on 10.04.2016
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Posted by Kamberley on 10.09.2016

Posted by Lorena on 10.09.2016

Posted by Arry on 10.11.2016

Posted by Blaze on 10.12.2016

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