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Mixed by Yaadcore

Out in January 2012 - Published on 08 Jan 2012 - Genre: Roots, Rocksteady - 13323 views

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70s mix.

1. Rory Stone Love - Yaadcore Intro
2.The Heptones - Country Boy
3. Booking Information
4. Bob Marley and the Wailers - Soul Shakedown Party
5. Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby
6. Ken Boothe - It's Gonna Take a Miracle
7. Delroy Wilson - I Can't Help Myself
8. Horace Andy - Aint No Sunshine
9. Big Youth - Phil Pratt Thing
10. I-Roy - Welding
11. Dawn Penn - You Dont Love Me
12 . Marcia Griffiths - Truly
13. Albert Tomlinson - Don't Wait For Me
14. Dennis Brown - Money in My Pocket
15. Gregory Isaacs - All I Have Is Love
16. Alton Ellis O.D. - Breaking Up
17. Horace Andy - Goodnight My Love
18. Ken Boothe - Crying OverYou
19. Lorna Bennett - Breakfast In Bed
20. Gregory Isaacs - Number One
21. John Holt - Stick By Me
22. Cornell Campbell - Girl Of My Dreams
23. Barry Brown - Give Love
24. The Heptones - Heptones Gonna Fight
25. Dave and Ansel Collins - Double Barrel
26. Marcia Griffiths - Melody Life
27. The Techniques - You Don't Care
28. Dobby Dobson - Loving Pauper
29. The Sensations-Never Fall In Love
30. Anthony Rocky Ellis - I Am The Ruler
31. The Techniques - Queen Majesty
32. John Holt - Wear You to the Ball
33. The Heptones - Pretty Looks Isn't All
34. Alton Ellis - It's A Shame
35. Delroy Wilson - I Don't Know Why
36. Alton Ellis - I Am Still In Love
37. Ken Boothe - Moving Away
38. Bob Andy - Too Experience
39. Im & Sound Dimension - Money Maker
40. The Heptones - Fatty Fatty
41. Norma Fraser - Respect
42. Bob and Marcia - Really Together
43. The Techinques - My Girl
44. Slim Smith and The Uniques - My Conversation
45. Alton Ellis O.D. - Rocksteady
46. Contact Information

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