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2012, Something Big Is Gonna Happen

2012, Something Big Is Gonna Happen

Mixed by Safari Sound

Out in January 2012 - Published on 05 Feb 2012 - Genre: Modern Roots - 28930 views

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2012, something big is gonna happen, either I'm getting married or the lord is coming... That's the words of Chris Martin on one of his recent hit songs and that is definitely our motto for 2012, well at least the part about something big that will happen! As usual we have lots of different things cooking in the oven and y'all know that when you least expect it, we will drop the biggest bombs. In the meantime between time, check out this brand new mix with some of the latest reggae rub a dub songs and riddims from early 2012 and late 2011. As always, it is spiced up with some exclusives, dubs and remixes. So don't wait no more, grab a slice of the cake now!

1. Protoje & Da Professor – Skanking And Rocking (DUB)
2. Chronixx – Beat & A Mic
3. Da Professor – Peace & Unity
4. Fantan Mojah – Hustlin Affi Gwan
5. Capleton – Tek It To The Heights
6. Iyara – Something For Mama
7. Wayne Marshall & Bounty Killer – Be On The Alert
8. Mavado & Raine Seville – Cheating Games
9. Amy Winehouse feat. Nelson Serieux – Our Day Will Come
10. Da Professor – Party Non Stop
11. TOK – Yardie
12. Wayne Marshall – Real Love
13. Demarco – She Heard It Before
14. Tifa – Nuh Want Yuh No More
15. Tarrus Riley – Let Me In
16. Chris Martin – Yuh Hold Me
17. Chan Dizzy – 21 Gun Salute
18. Inner Circle feat. I Octane & Bizerk – Young Wild And Free
19. I Octane – Example For The Poor
20. I Octane – Falling
21. Chris Martin – Girlfriends
22. Jah Cure – Straight From My Heart
23. Busy Signal – Missing You
24. Million Stylez – Where's My Wife
25. Chuck Fender – Warning
26. Zagga – Change
27. Million Stylez – Roots Of All Evil
28. Rebellious feat. Million Stylez – Praise Jah
29. Kymani Marley – Be Smart
30. Da Professor feat. Ken Boothe – Touch U
31. Gaza Slim & Vybz Kartel – Need Somebody
32. Cecile – Green Light
33. Tarrus Riley – Antique Loving
34. Cecile – Priceless
35. Bugle – Life Hard
36. I Octane – Blood A Go Run
37. Chris Martin – 2012
38. Chris Martin – Faithful
39. Cecile – Find Them Out
40. I Octane – Topic Of The Day
41. Taranchyla – Mash Up Inna Dance
42. Froggy Maddsquad – Murder Them
43. Delly Ranks – Mek Yuh Bad So
44. Red Fox – So The Thing Go
45. Rayvon & Shaggy – Wedding Song
46. Natalie Storm – One Man Girl
47. J Boog feat. Million Stylez – Replay
48. Mr Vegas – A Little Love
49. Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
50. Tarrus Riley – World Wide Rebellion
51. Lukie D & Mad Cobra – Can't Get We Out
52. Luciano & Capleton – Bun Babylon

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