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A Reggae Christmas

A Reggae Christmas

Mixed by Safari Sound

Out in December 2011 - Published on 03 Feb 2012 - Genre: Roots - 23366 views

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It all started a few weeks ago when we had an "early Caribbean Christmas lunch" with the godfather of Swedish rap, Petter. Petter is a big fan of Safari Sound mixtapes and he wondered if we would be interested in doing a mixtape project together with him and Red Stripe. This is the result: nearly an hour of "reggae Christmas classics" mixed by DJ Shirkhan and Sammy K. Give thanx for the idea and opportunity Petter and big up Red Stripe, Crazy Youths and The Soul Lounge.

We wish ya'll a Merry Reggae Christmas and A Dancehall New Year!


1- Intro
2- Peter Broggs - The Twelve Days Of Christmas
3- Freddie McGregor - Irie Christmas
4- Horace Andy - Christmas Time
5- The Kingstonians - Merry Christmas
6- Johnny Clarke - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
7- Silvertones - Bling Bling Christmas
8- Jacob Miller And Ray I - Wish You A Irie Christmas
9- Jacob Miller And Ray I - Deck The Halls
10- John Holt - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
11- Yellowman - African Christmas
12- John Holt - Lonely This Christmas
13- Don Carlos & Glenice Spencer - Jingle Bells
14- Jacob Miller & Ray I - All I Want For Ismas
15- Jennifer Lara & Silvertones - Christmas Combination
16- J.C. Lodge - The Christmas Song
17- Leroy Mafia - Little Christmas Tree
18- Alton Ellis - Praise Jah, It's Christmas
19- Alton Ellis & The Lipsticks - Merry Merry Christmas
20- Joe Gibbs Family - On The Twelve Day Of Ismas
21- Rudie Davis - Driving Home
22 - Beres Hammond - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
23- Yellowman - Santa Claus Never Comes To The Ghetto
24- Kofi - This Christmas
25- Kofi - Reggae Christmas
26- John Holt - White Christmas
27- The Tamlins - Give Love On Christmas Day
28- Peter Hunnigale - Last Christmas
29- Joe Gibbs Family - Winter Wonderland
30- Dennis Al Capone, Tippa Irie And JD - Dancehall Christmas
31- Freddie McGregor - Feliz Navidad
32- Joe Gibbs Family - Deck The Halls
33- Toots & The Maytals - Christmas Feeling Ska
34- Outro

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