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Million Vibes Dubplates Mix Vol. 1

Million Vibes Dubplates Mix Vol. 1

Mixed by Million Vibes

Out in February 2012 - Published on 06 Feb 2012 - Genre: Modern Roots, Roots, Dancehall - 25593 views

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With 9 years in the business and a history of mash up clubs after clubs in Sweden and Europe, it's now time to give the people what them want!

1. Intro
2. Luciano & Louie Culture - Hills & Valleys
3. Sanchez - Killing You Now
4. Wayne Wade - Love You Too Much
5. Freddie McGregor - Winner
6. Sizzla - Kill A Drumpan
7. Tarrus Riley - Bloodclaat
8. Toots Hibbert - Die Die Die
9. Silvertones - Smile On Your Face
10. Marcia Griffiths - Killing A Sound Is Easy
11. Bob Andy - Too Experienced
12. Luciano - The Journey
13. Sizzla - I'm Shure
14. Romain Virgo - Sending You Home
15. Romain Virgo - Soundkilla
16. Everton Blender - Lift Up Your Head
17. Tony Rebel & Swade - Just Dead
18. Tony Rebel & Marcia Griffiths - Ready To Go
19. Cutty Ranks & Marcia Griffiths - Half Idiot
20. Buju Banton - Million Vibes Moving
21. Cocoa Tea - Killing Soundboy
22. Assassin - Badda
23. Sizzla - 50. Caliber
24. Romain Virgo - Take Your Life
25. Tarrus Riley - Wildfire
26. Luciano - Lord Give Me Strenght
27. Beres Hammond & Cutty Ranks - Coulda Deal
28. Shabba Ranks - Wicked Inna Dancehall
29. Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham - Dead Tonight
30. Barrington Levy & Bounty Killer - Living Dangerously
31. Barrington Levy - Broader Than Broadway
32. Junior Reid - Murderer
33. Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder Dem Now
34. Shabba Ranks - D.E.A.D
35. Colin Roach & General Degree - Bury You
36. Super Black - Rambo We Rambo
37. General T.K. - Badder Than Commando
38. Mad Cobra - Hell Swell
39. Spragga Benz - Back Him up
40. Chuck Turner - Trying To Conquer
41. Luciano - Beat A Sound Tonight
42. Beres Hammond - Putting Up Resistance
43. Beres Hammond - Try If You Want
44. Sizzla - Kill Dem Right Away
45. Ray Darwin - Peoples Choice
46. Tarrus Riley - Play For You

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