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Never Lose My Culture

Never Lose My Culture

Mixed by Higher-Fidelity Sound

Out in March 2012 - Published on 14 Mar 2012 - Genre: Modern Roots - 21995 views

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The Culture Lovers Higher Fidelity Sound & DJ I Shasta present a brand new reggae mix for March 2012.


Stand Up Inna Dih Fyah (Never Lose My Culture)-Warrior King

Time & Wisdom-Warrior King
Tell Dem Already-Busy Signal
Original Dancehall-Tarrus Riley
In My Arms-Gyptian
Respect Woman-Turbulence

Beat & A Mic-Chronixx*

Inna Rizzla-Bobby Hustle*

West Coast-Gappy Ranks*

Sour Everyday-Dway*

Chant Babylon Down-Turbulence
Fight For Freedom-Anthony B
Fyah Hot Pon Dem-Luciano
Oh Jah-Pressure Buss Pipe
Jah Jah A Mi Everything-Delly Ranx
7th Time Rise-Bobby Hustle
World Need Love-Hero
Life After Lifetime-Bunny Rugs & Delly Ranx

All Over The World-Jah Sun*


Don't Give Up-Capleton*

Start A Fyah-Chronixx*

Herbalist-Chan Dizzy
Nah Laugh-Hollow Point
Rude Bwoy Rankin'-Rasco

Lord Have Mercy-Gappy Ranks
Jah Watch Over Me-Bobby Hustle
Don't Wanna Be-Lutan Fyah
If I Knew-Delly Ranx
Do Good Everytime-Exco Levi
Paradise-Jemere Morgan

I Feel So Good-Collie Buddz
Fire Fire-Capleton
Heart Like A Lion-Jah Sun & Peetah Morgan
Run Mi Out-I Octane
Dear Lord-Serani
Gotta Believe-Kranium
Real Woman-Jah Vinci
Can We-Dway

Stay Away-Turbulence
Think Twice-Duane Stephenson
In This Jungle-Devano
Oh Lord-Sir Ford
Rastafari Leads The Way-Lutan Fyah
I Can We Can-Luciano
Rasta Got Soul-Fantan Mojah

Jamaica-Gappy Ranks*

* = single

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Posted by linkx on 04.04.2012
Reggae music is simply my soul.

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