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Keep It Playing

Keep It Playing

Mixed by Higher-Fidelity Sound

Out in May 2012 - Published on 28 Jun 2012 - Genre: Modern Roots - 17955 views

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Dj I Shasta & The Culture Lovers Higher Fidelity Sound Present 'Keep it Playing' Reggae Lovers Mix. 90 minutes of pure reggae & lovers tunes for the Spring/Summer 2012.


The Hi-Fi Intro

THROW ME HERB RIDDIM (mustang beats/hot coffee music)

Hottest Hothead-Busy Signal
Maddest Ting-Gappy Ranks
Weed Like Mine-Bobby Hustle
Legalize the Herbs-Don Andre
What Kind of Grade-Brakka General
Weed Addict-Laden
Brixton Market-Randy Valantine
Clean Up Me Herbs-Redman UK


*Culture Inna Yuh Face-Pressure Buss Pipe (jah golden throne)
*Reggae Music Again-Busy Signal (vp records)
*Dance Nice Again-Ras Mikey & Pressure Buss Pipe (ryi recordings)

MOVE UP RIDDIM (stingray records)

What Do We Do-Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal
Move Up Jamaica-Freddie McGregor
Fly Away-Rafeelya & Claire Angel
I Wanna Love You-Avaran
Laptop & Facebook-Sandra Cross
Hunger-Zagu Zar
System Sheg Up-Glamma Kid
Night N' Day-Raymond Bright
Good God-Tenna Star
Presence I Can Feel-Richie Davis
Most High-Gappy Ranks

TRAVELING MAN RIDDIM (troback sound)

Live it Up-Mykal Rose
Hail the King-Ras Shiloh
Free Your Mind-Ginjah
Be Alive-Prince Theo
Heart No Leap-Black Spade
Give it a Try-Menny More
Trodition-Johnny Dollar
Traveling Man-Sixy Morris
Attracted to You-Courtney Melody
Falling in Love-Kavad
Don't You Know-Jah Fi
One for Me-Pressure Buss Pipe
Satisfaction-Nando Fresh

CLUB DANCE RIDDIM (flava mcgregor records)

How About I Be Me?-Sinead O'Connor
Didn't You Know-Janet Kay
Living in Glory-Tony Anthony
Wanna Be-Lady Lex
Every Little Thing-Peter Spence
Waiting on You-Rekha
Endlessly-Maddy Carty
Remember-Adele Harley
Can't Get You Out of My Mind-Carroll Thompson
Truly Baby (Forever)-Nadine Sutherland
Caution-Nikesha Lindo
Before the Time-Sadiki
Our Anniversary-Chalice

YOU DON'T CARE RIDDIM (joe fraser records)

You Look Like Love-Terry Linen
One Night Stand-Stevie Face
Every Way-Courtney John
Hip Hip Hooray-Ed Robinson
Little Bag-Lovindeer
Soul Mate-Papa Biggy
This Love Hate Thing-Lloyd Brown
Nuh Dead-Lady G
School Days-Gappy Ranks

MR. BROWN RIDDIM (donsome records)

Tune In-Natural Black
Last Night-Half Pint
Love Come First-Perfect Giddimani
In Jah We Trust-Turbulence
Tomorrow-Beenie Man
Confusing World-Hero
Remember the Days-Lukie D
Feel Up Feel Up-Anthony Cruz
Not the Same-Don Mafia
Dirty Thoughts-Tanya Stephens
Because of You-Kristopher
Pull Your Kotch-Jack Radics
High Crisis-Anthony Red Rose
Gotta Survive-Stacious
Don't Stress Mi-Merciless
Don't Give Up-Frisco Kid


Friend Like Those-Kali Blax
Hear My Cry-Kranium
Inna Life-Bobby Hustle
Romp & Play-Lutan Fyah
Sweet Sweet Jamaica-George Nooks
Rockin' Ska-Hero
Give & Share-Live Wyya
Never Fail-Mikeylous
Stronger-Villa Dutch
Just Help-P Zed
Rock Di Boat-Delly Ranx
She's in Love-Khago
Put it in Sweet-X-Hale

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Posted by Keylon on 09.02.2016
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