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It Sipple Out Deh!

It Sipple Out Deh!

Mixed by Fatty Fatty Sound

Out in September 2012 - Published on 16 Sep 2012 - Genre: Roots - 1668 views

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Soundtrack of the Tribal War / 1975-1983.

A little lesson of Jamaican history from Fatty Fatty crew. The songs in this mix illustrate the history of the bloody tribal war between political gangsters in Jamaica in the late 70s and early 80s. No more tribal war!


1. Max Romeo - War Ina Babylon (Charmax, 7")
2. James Brown - Stop The War In Babylon (Upsetters, 7")
3. Prince Far I - Heavy Manners (Joe Gibbs, 12")
4. A. Scott & The First Season - Tribal Disagreement (Happy Sad, 7")
5. Jah Baba - State Of Emergency (Fe I And I, 7")
6. Gladiators - Know Yourself Mankind (TR Grovemaster, 7")
7. Jacob Miller - Ghetto On Fire (Arab, 7")
8. Vivian Jackson - Fire In Kingston (Vivian Jackson, 7")
9. Leroy Smart - Ballistic Affair (Well Charge, 7")
10. L.A.B. - Babylon Burning (Fire Fire) - (Love, 7")
11. Lord Sassafrass - Green Bay Incident (Upsetters, 7")
12. Tapper Zukie- Green Bay Murder (Tappa, 7")
13. Jah Lion - Soldier And Police War (Island, 12")
14. Bob Andy - War In City (Jam-Rock, 7")
15. Gregory Isaacs - Black A Kill Black (African Museum, 7")
16. Cornel Campbell - Brothers Killing Brothers (Fatman, 7")
17. Mighty Diamonds - One Brother Short (Virgin Frontline, 12")
18. Earth Disciples - Peace, Love And Harmony (Kingston Connexion, 7")
19. Culture - Stop The Fighting (Sky Note, 7")
20. Burning Spear - Throw Down Your Arms (Spear, 7")
21. George Nooks - Tribal War (Joe Gibbs, 7")
22. Dillinger - War Is Over (Joe Gibbs, 7")
23. Jacob Miller - Peace Treaty Special (Top Ranking, 7")
24. Johnny Clarke - Peace And Love In The Ghetto (Third World, 7")
25. Peter Tosh - Peace Treaty (EMI, 7")

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