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The Wild Indian - A tribute to Super Cat

The Wild Indian - A tribute to Super Cat

Mixed by Stereo Steppers

Out in August 2012 - Published on 30 Sep 2012 - Genre: Digital, Dancehall - 1250 views

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A tribute mix to our favourite deejay of all time - The Wild Apachee - The Don Dada - SUPER CAT.


1. Intro
2. Boops
3. Big & Ready
4. Experienced Lover
5. Deejay Daddy
6. How Cat Go America
7. Dance Inna New York
8. Mandela Land
9. Dolly My Baby (ft. Trevor Sparks)
10. Oh It´s You
11. Terminator
12. Cabbin Stabbin (ft. Nicodemus, Jr Demus & Jr Cat)
13. How Yuh Pretty So
14. Sit Down Pon It
15. Too Greedy
16. Jah Run Tings
17. Love Got A Hold
18. Move Up
19. Pops
20. Come Down
21. Sweets For My Sweets
22. Think Me Come Fi Play
23. Under Pressure
24. Crazy Love
25. Jamaica Jamaica
26. Walkathon
27. Coke Don
28. Them No Care
29. Permit Fi Gun
30. Hell A Go Come
31. Cry Fi Di Youths
32. Trash And Ready
33. Don Dada
34. Tun It Over
35. Fight Fi Power
36. Bubble & Wine
37. Abc
38. Girlstown
39. Scalp Dem
40. Must Be Bright
41. Ghetto Red Hot
42. Nuff Man A Dead
43. Dem No Worry We (ft. Heavy D)
44. Sandokan
45. Chalice A Lick
46. Mud Up
47. Vineyard Style
48. Word, Sound & Power
49. Ride & Shut Off

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