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Reggae Revival

Reggae Revival

Mixed by Higher-Fidelity Sound

Out in July 2012 - Published on 09 Feb 2013 - Genre: Modern Roots - 7437 views

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DJ I Shasta & The Culture Lovers Higher Fidelity Sound Present: 'Reggae Revival', a culture mix.


Reggae Revival-Protoje feat: Romain Virgo

Fade Away Riddim
Fade Away-Wayne Marshall feat; Liquid
Fire Get Red-Pressure
Too Much Blood-Teflon
Big Picture-Bugle
Caah Stop Me-Da Professor

World Clock Riddim
Read the Board-Delly Ranx
Touch di Road-Exco Levi
What it's Gonna Be-Jemere Morgan
Blink of an Eye-Bobby Hustle
Fruits & Roots-Lutan Fyah

Pure Heart Riddim
Short Cut-Lutan Fyah
Taking Over-Nesbeth
Thug Like Me-Da'Ville

Obsessive Happiness Riddim
Ur Swagg-Da'Ville
I Love You-Pressure feat: Revelation
Gone to Soon-Ginjah
Tribulation Life Brings-Chuck Fenda
Jah Love is-Lutan Fyah

12 Disciples of Trenchtown Riddim
Can't Stop Loving You-Lutan Fyah
U Got Me-Bryan Art
Check Your Frenz-Guidance
Where Did She Go-Nuby Dan

Long Life Riddim
Go if U Wanna-Teflon
Get More Gal-Bobby Hustle feat: DWAY
Sour Diesel-Delly Ranx
Mama Make Me Deh So-Sizzla
Babylon is on the Prowl-Nesbeth

Rock Fort Riddim
In the Streets-Exco Levi
Mussi Mad-Romain Virgo
Bloodline-Peetah Morgan
No Barbershop-Conkarah
This is Not a Marijuana Song-Protoje

GP Riddim
Evil Display-Protoje
Live to See Then-Capleton

Sent For Me Riddim
Good Times-Kali Blaxx
Sent for Me-Dynamq
Best for Me-Delly Ranx

True Words Riddim
Don't Worry-Delly Ranx
Give a Little Love-Christopher Martin
Badmind-Geoffrey Star
Feel Nuttin'-Bobby Hustle

Protect My Life-Bobby Hustle
Ganjah Don-Jah Sun feat: Alborosie
Hold Meditation (Reggae Version)-Queen Omega
Smoke as Much as Me (Young Wild & Free Cover)-Bobby Hustle
Rolling in the Deep (Reggae RMX)-Inner Circle feat: Adele
Beautiful Day-Etana
Warrior-Richie Stephens feat: Gentleman
The Lords Prayer-Richie Stephens feat: Konshens

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