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Affairs of the Heart

Affairs of the Heart

Mixed by Higher-Fidelity Sound

Out in July 2012 - Published on 09 Feb 2013 - Genre: Modern Roots, Dancehall - 17375 views

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A Higher-Fidelity Sound culture mix by DJ I Shasta.


Affairs of the Heart-Damian Marley
Cold Girl-Tarrus Riley

Treat Her Like a Lady-Gappy Ranks
Sweetest Thing-Cali P
No. 1 Girl-Charly B
Why Me a Work-Masicka
Take a Good Look Around-Di Govanah

Eyes Wide Open-Adventurous
Free I-Iyah Shines
Small Corner-Richie Spice

Simple Things in Life-Cali P
Sweet Jamaica-Thriller U
Inna Your Speakers-Perfect
Active-Daddy Rings
Stand Up & Fight-Terry Ganzie

Want it Want it-Chuck Fenda
Drown U-Pressure
Everything is Ok-Sizzla
Leaving-Busy Signal

I Know-Dougs
Messenger-Chris Martin
Girl on the Side-Ce'Cile
Love is Burning Up-Zamunda
Take All My Love-Alaine
Me & You-Voicemail

Celestial Love-Hyah Slice
So Good-Lucan I Feat: Marshel
A Better Life-Lymie Murray
Life-Lutan Fyah feat: Jah Thunder & Lymie Murray
I Rise-Capleton

Survival-Agent Sasco
Make a Sound-Chris Martin
Life Hard-Ce'Cile
White Collar Boss-Sizzla
Chant Rastafari-Tarrus Riley

On a Mission (50th Anniversary)-Shaggy, Agent Sasco, Beres Hammond, Tarrus Riley, Damian Marley, Romain Virgo, Chevelle Franklyn, Wayne Marshall, Tifa, & Tessanne Chin

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