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Family Tree - Marley Mix - Disc 2

Family Tree - Marley Mix - Disc 2

Mixed by Yaadcore

Out in January 2013 - Published on 10 Feb 2013 - Genre: Modern Roots, Roots - 41470 views

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Reggae music fans everywhere consider Bob Marley the king of the genre and the Marley name is considered royalty across the globe today. It is with that legacy in mind that the world receives Family Tree, a new double-disc of strictly Marley tracks mixed craftily by Jamaica's very own Yaadcore.

Family Tree is a powerful showcase of Marley music with the voices of Bob's children as well as his wife, Rita. It is also peppered with the music and words of the legend himself speaking on various subjects, including the divinity of Haile Selassie I and the use of the sacred herb.

1. Family Tree Intro
2. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Redemption Song
3. Stephen Marley - Now I Know
4. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Crazy Baldhead
5. Bob Marley - Herb Make You Calm
6. Damian Marley - Me Name Jr. Gong
7. Kymani Marley - Dear Dad
8. Stephen Marley ft. Damian Marley - Tight Ship
9. Damian Marley - Love & Inity
10. Stephen Marley - False Friends
11. Rita Marley - So Much Things To Say
12. Ziggy Marley - Conscious Party
13. Cedella Marley - Can You Feel The Love
14. Officer Jimmy - Interlude
15. Stephen Marley ft. Damian Marley/Buju Banton - Traffic Jam [Acoustic/Main]
16. Rita Marley - Get High
17. Kymani Marley - New Heights
18. Ziggy Marley - Tomorrow People
19. Damian Marley ft. Nas - Road To Zion
20. Julian Marley - Harder Days
21. Damian Marley ft. Stephen Marley - Pimpas Paradise
22. Ziggy Marley - Dragon Fly
23. Ziggy Marley - Look Whos Dancing
24. Ziggy Marley - True To Myself
25. Damian Marley - Count Your Blessing
26. Ziggy Marley - Tumbling Down
27. Julian Marley - Sharp Like A Razor
28. Damian Marley - Move
29. Stephen Marley ft. Damian Marley - The Mission [Yaadcore Remix]
30. Bob Marley - Straight Ahead To Rastafari
31. Damian Marley ft. Dennis Brown/Nas - Promise Land

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Posted by Bono on 07.25.2016
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