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Rootsman Flex

Rootsman Flex

Mixed by Jah Rich

Out in January 2013 - Published on 10 Feb 2013 - Genre: Roots, Modern Roots - 23195 views

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Strictly Killer Roots

1. Rankin Joe- Fade Away Dubplate
2. Glen Washington - Give Jah the Glory
3. Jr. Byles - Fade Away
4. Don Carlos - Late Night Blues
5. Cornell Campbell - Bandulu
6. Roy Rankin – Go Deh Inna Late Night Blues
7. Raymond Naptali – Late Night Session
8. Rankin Dread - Hard Times
9. Al Campbell - Harder Times
10. Al Campbell - Fight I
11. Al Campbell – Jah Love
12. Trinity / Gen. Lee – Jah Are My Right Hand Man
13. Al Campbell - Bad Boy
14. Peter Roots - Mr. Gunman
15. Simple Simon - Slavery Days
16. Cornell Campbell – Part Time Loving
17. Cornell Campbell - Two Timer
18. Dennis Brown – Running Around
19. Junior Delgado - Trickster
20. Dennis Brown - Cheater
21. Bob Marley - Run For Cover
22. I Roy – Knotty Knots
23. Jacob Miller - I'm a Natty
24. Candyman –Soul Rebel Dubplate
25. Wood Pecker Java Version
26. I Roy – Hospital Trolley
27. Jr. Kelly - Better Must Come
28. Tony Tuff - Settle
29. Luciano - Wicked Ago Runway
30. Luciano – Casket Dubplate
31. Shinehead – Billy Jean
32. Shinehead – Mama Used To Say
33. Shinehead – Reprimand
34. Junior Delgado – Garvey Philosophy
35. Earl Cunningham – Jailhouse
36. Wailing Souls – Tek We Back
37. Rankin Trveor – Yard Oh
38. Barrington – Robber Man
39. General Saint – Young Lover
40. Johnny Osbourne – Ice Cream Love
41. Toyan – Children Children
42. Delly Ranx – Ice Cream Love Dubplate
43. Johnny Osbourne – Let Him Go
44. Jim Brown - Ghetto Dance
45. Little Kirk – Ghetto People Broke
46. Andrew Bees - Life in the Ghetto
47. Boom Back – Life in the Ghetto Not Easy
48. Philip Myers – Ghetto Struggle
49. Half Pint - One Big Ghetto
50. Tonto Irie – Ram Up Every Corner
51. Mitch - JA National Anthem
52. Captain Sinbad - Jamaica 50

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