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Storms of Life

Storms of Life

Mixed by Higher-Fidelity Sound

Out in November 2012 - Published on 09 Feb 2013 - Genre: Modern Roots, Dancehall - 24314 views

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DJ I Shasta & The Culture Lovers Higher-Fidelity Sound present: 'STORMS OF LIFE', A lovers & culture mix.

Featuring Exco Levi ('Save the Music' is so crucial!!!!), D.W.A.Y., Aima Moses, Jah Cure, Lutan Fyah, Chezidek, Loyal Flames (another crucial tune (Keep Focus') and many more.

THRESHOLD RIDDIM (Dynasty Records)
So Long-DWAY
Don't Blame it on Me-Lutan Fyah
Memories-Bobby Hustle
So True-John Blaze
It's Amazing-Turbulence

AMORE RIDDIM (Donsome Records)
Fallin' in Love-Turbulence
Love Choice-Aima Moses
Love Connection-Sizzla
Gimme Your Love-Ginjah
Woman of My Dreams-Nature
Second Place-Khago

MOVING RIDDIM (Di Genius Records)
How Can I Forget-Jah Cure
What Can I Do-Chris Martin
Need My Love-Di Genius
No No No-Marcia Griffiths
Be Alright-Freddie McGregor
Common Sense-Black Am I
Change Up Your Evil Ways-J Boog
Hold a Medz-Lutan Fyah
Boom Draw-Chino
Moving-Mr. Easy

KARUKERA RIDDIM (Mavrick Records)
Jah Nah Go Mek Me Suffer-Lutan Fyah
Jah is Here for U-Hyah Slyce
Cherish the Day-Lymie Murray
The Same Stone-Gyptian
Burn Dem Out-Turbulence

POETRY RIDDIM (All Connect Records)
Nothing at All-Climate
Inna the Ghetto-Fyah Konkarah
Life-Natty King
All Gone-Lutan Fyah

FOCUS RIDDIM (Vikings Production)
Keep Focus-Loyal Flames
Tell Dem Fi Farm-Tidal
Holding Firm-R.C.
Save the Music-Exco Levi

Storms of Life-Exco Levi (single) (Silly Walks Discotheque)

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