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Tarrus Riley VS Garnett Silk

Tarrus Riley VS Garnett Silk

Mixed by Raggabalder Riddim Rebels

Out in November 2012 - Published on 12 Mar 2013 - Genre: Modern Roots, Roots - 27093 views

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The best of Tarrus Riley & Garnett Silk.

Tribute To Garnett Silk - Tony Rebel
See Bimbo Yah - Garnett Silk
One Two Order - Tarrus Riley
Beware - Tarrus Riley
Lion Heart - Garnett Silk
Love's Contagious - Tarrus Riley
Herbs Promotion - Tarrus Riley Feat. Demarco & Vybz Kartel
Keep Them Talking - Garnett Silk
Groove Little Thing - Tarrus Riley
Haunt You - Tarrus Riley
Just Another Girl - Tarrus Riley & Shaggy
Parables - Tarrus Riley
A Man Is Just A Man - Garnett Silk & Tony Rebel
Cry Of My People - Garnett Silk
Eye Water - Tarrus Riley
She's Royal - Tarrus Riley
Cant Stop The Hustling - Tarrus Riley
Bless The Youths - Sizzla Feat. Garnett Silk
Zion In A Vision - Garnett Silk
"Give I Strength" - Garnett Silk
Pull Up Selector - Tarrus & Jimmy Riley
Good Girl Gone Bad (D&H Remix) - Tarrus Riley & Konshens
Music Is The Rod - Garnett Silk
Fussing And Fighting - Garnett Silk
Fill Us Up With Your Mercy - Garnett Silk
System Set - Tarrus Riley
Protect Your Neck - Tarrus Riley
Nothing Can Divide Us - Garnett Silk
Splashing Dashing - Garnett Silk
Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders - Garnett Silk
Shaka Zulu Pickney - Tarrus Riley
Original Dancehall - Tarrus Riley
Christian Soldiers - Garnett Silk & Tony Rebel
It's Growing - Garnett Silk
Jahjah Is The Ruler - Garnett Silk
Hello Mama Africa - Garnett Silk
Kingly Character -  Garnett Silk
Oh Me Oh My - Garnett Silk
Who's Responsible - Tarrus Riley
Start A New - Tarrus Riley
Whos Gonna Save Us - Tarrus Riley & Sizzla
Retreat Wicked Man - Garnett Silk
Fight Back!!! - Garnett Silk Feat. Richie Stephens
Gave You Everything - Garnett Silk
Seven Spanish Angels - Garnett Silk
Rasta Impostor (Rmx) - Konshens Feat. Tarrus Riley, Sizzla, Darrio & Wrath Riley
Antique Loving - Tarrus Riley
Trap Setter - Tarrus Riley
Every Knee Shall Bow - Garnett Silk, Charlie Chaplin & Josey Wales
I Can See Clearly Now - Garnett Silk & Yasus Afari
Broken Heart - Garnett Silk & Buju Banton
Getty Getty No Want - Tarrus Riley
Far Away - Tarrus Riley
Wildfire - Tarrus Riley
Sorry Is A Sorry Word - Tarrus Riley
Cherry Promised - Garnett Silk
Complain Remix - Garnett Silk & Buju Banton
Mama - Garnett Silk
Skylarking - Garnett Silk
All We Need Is Love - I-Octane Feat. Tarrus Riley
Human Nature - Tarrus Riley
Soul Grabber - Tarrus Riley
Stop - Watch - Tarrus Riley
Micro Chip - Tarrus Riley
Whispers - Tarrus Riley

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