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Roots N Culcha Special

Roots N Culcha Special

Mixed by Safari Sound

Out in December 2010 - Published on 24 Mar 2013 - Genre: Modern Roots - 12289 views

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1- Intro
2- Protoje – Dread
3- Spragga Benz – Shotta Culture (One Drop RMX)
4- I Taweh – Braveheart
5- Joey Fever – Good Looks
6- Maikal X – I'm Leaving
7- J-Boog – So Far Gone
8- Peetah Morgan – My Makeda
9- Gappy Ranks feat. Beenie Man – Longtime (RMX)
10- Gentleman – Fast Forward
11- Promoe & Rabbana I – Nuh Worry (XXXklusif)
12- Kaliblaxx – Hold Di Faith
13- Perfect – Tax Extortion
14- Chezidek – More Trees
15- Million Stylez – Move From On Yah
16- Sizzla – Free Up Di Herbs
17- Jah Cure – Don't Let Them Cry
18- Khago – Granny Teachings
19- Assassin – Somethings Gotta Change
20- Queen Ifrica- Times Like This
21- Tarrus Riley – Whos Responsible
22- Natel – Miles Away
23- Jah Cure – Every Corner I Turn
24- Wayne Marshall - Telepatic
25- Sean Paul – Beat Of My Heart
26- Elephant Man – Let Me Be The One
27- Marcia Griffiths – A Bear And A Girl
28- Sanchez – Who Am I Without You
29- Tony Rebel – Pretenders Paradise
30- Busy Signal – Comfort Zone
31- Romain Virgo – Taking You Home
32- J-Boog – Let's Do It Again
33- Lutan Fyah - Ungratefull
34- Chris Martin – Paper Loving
35- I Octane – Hold Her In My Arms
36- Vybz Kartel – She Holding On
37- Vybz Kartel – Not A Love Song
38- Spectacular – Born In The Ghetto
39- Lutan Fyah – I Bun Police
40- Sizzla – Police Opression
41- Konshens – She Love Money
42- Kymani Marley – New Heights
43- Mr Vegas feat. Shaggy & Josey Wales – Sweat Jamaica (RMX)
44- Protoje - Roll
45- Lutan Fyah – Overcome Dem
46- Fiji – Send Me An Angel
47- Vybz Kartel – A Like That
48- Bruno mars feat. Damian Marley – Liqour Store Blues
49- Maikal X – Here She Comes
50- Stephen Marley & Damian Marley – Jah Army

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Posted by Kellsie on 08.22.2016
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Posted by Fidelia on 08.29.2016
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Posted by Darnesha on 08.29.2016
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Posted by Tina on 09.05.2016
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Posted by Cade on 09.09.2016
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