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The Safari Dancehall Show

The Safari Dancehall Show

Mixed by Safari Sound

Out in October 2011 - Published on 24 Mar 2013 - Genre: Dancehall, Modern Roots - 12927 views

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1- Da Professor feat. Protoje - Skanking And Rocking
2- Trevor Off Key - Highest Grades
3- Loyal Flames - Elevation Time
4- Christopher Ellis - English
5- Beres Hammond - Keeping It Real
6- Kashief Lindo - Small Change
7- Chino - Seal The Link
8- Chino - One Life
9- Khago - Can' Tek Bun
10- Collie Buddz - Too Watchy
11- Agent Sasco feat. Bounty Killer & Half Pint - Ghetto State Of Mind
12- I Octane - Who Wanna See I Fall
13- Khago - Nuttin' Like Life
14- T' Nez - Press Play Pause
15- Tarrus Riley - Dangerous Love
16- Chris Martin - This Girl Is Dangerous
17- Vybz Kartel - Dedication
18- I Octane feat. Agent Sasco – Missing You [RMX]
19- Agent Sasco - Late
20- Chino – Hustler
21- Alaine & Chris Martin - Still In Love
22- Gappy Ranks & Cecile - Good Wife
23- Alaine - Bye Bye Bye
24- Cecile - If You
25- Chris Martin - Cheaters Prayer
26- Tarrus Riley - Karma
27- Jah Cure - Nothing
28- Tarrus Riley - Stronger
29- I Octane - My Problems Gone
30- Jah Vinchi - Set Mi Free
31- Chris Martin - Got To Get Going
32- Versatile - They Don't Know
33- T.O.K - Friends For Life
34- Konshens - The Realest Medz
35- Wayne Marshall - My Friend
36- G Whizz - In Loving Memories
37- Vybz Kartel - Testify
38- Laza Morgan feat. Mavado - One By One
39- Wayne Marshall feat. The Spaniard & Bunji Garlin - 911
40- Fantan Mojah - Rasta Got Soul [Big People Song]
41- Loyal Flames - Mr Death
42- Romain Virgo - System
43- Romain Virgo - I Am Rich In Love
44- Christopher Ellis - Willow Tree
45- Jah Vinchi & Khago - Nuh Trust Friend
46- I Octane - Burn Them Bridge

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Posted by Orlando Royal on 10.30.2013
Supa ites mix Safari Sound supa nice

Posted by Zarya on 06.10.2016
Well done arlitce that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.

Posted by Lina on 06.10.2016
Thanks for starnitg the ball rolling with this insight.

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Posted by Missy on 08.06.2016
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Posted by Butterfly on 08.15.2016
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Posted by Lilly on 08.19.2016
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Posted by Moon on 08.21.2016
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Posted by Dell on 08.22.2016
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Posted by Kailan on 08.26.2016
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Posted by Julz on 08.28.2016
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Posted by Jodi on 09.03.2016
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Posted by Nelly on 09.05.2016
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Posted by Brenley on 09.09.2016
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    February 2012 Listen to this mix

    With 9 years in the business and a history of mash up...

  • Storms of Life

    November 2012 Listen to this mix

    DJ I Shasta & The Culture Lovers Higher-Fidelity...

  • 2012 Lock Steady Mix

    December 2012 Listen to this mix

  • Affairs of the Heart

    July 2012 Listen to this mix

    A Higher-Fidelity Sound culture mix by DJ I Shasta.


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