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Riddim Haffie Roll

Riddim Haffie Roll

Mixed by Million Vibes

Out in January 2013 - Published on 13 Apr 2013 - Genre: Modern Roots - 26618 views

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One Drop Mix By Will-Jam.

Fada Will-Jam has collected his favourite one drop-anthems from 2012.
Enjoy it to the maximum, Reggae music again!


1. Intro
2. Riddim Haffie Roll – Marcia Griffiths
3. Riddim Haffie Roll – Marcia Griffiths & Lady G
4. Reggae Music Again – Busy Signal
5. Life In The Factory – Esco Levi
6. Who Dem A Program – Protoje
7. Come Shock Out – Busy Signal
8. My Time Come - Protoje
9. Kingston Be Wise – Protoje
10. My Heart Cries – Ky-Mani Marley
11. Low The Gunz – J Boog
12. Rocky Daddy Love – Red Fox & Alju
13. Just Another Girl – Shaggy & Tarrus Riley
14. Selecta – Rayvon
15. Sorry Is A Sorry Word (Dubplate) – Tarrus Riley
16. Sorry Is A Sorry Word – Tarrus Riley
17. Love Me – J Boog
18. System A Beat Dem – I Octane
19. System A Beat Dem (Dubplate) – I Octane
20. Press On – Romain Virgo
21. Storms Of Life – Esco Levi
22. No Candle Light – Beres Hammond
23. Way To Go - Beres Hammond & Cutty Ranks
24. Cold Girl – Tarrus Riley
25. No No No – Marcia Griffiths
26. Be Alright – Freddie McGregor
27. Common Sense – Black I Am
28. What Can I Do – Chris Martin
29. Step Up – Chris Martin
30. In The Street – Esco Levi
31. Mussi Mad – Romain Virgo
32. Tiad A Da Supm Ya – Queen Ifrica
33. No Time – Collie Buddz
34. Break Us Apart – J Boog
35. No More Struggle – Sophia Squire
36. Upgrade - Cecile
37. Beat You Down – Romain Virgo
38. Mi Friend Dem – Chris Martin
39. Ain't No Giving In - Chronixx
40. Never Give Up - Zagga
41. No Capitalist – Kabaka Pyramid
42. What About The Poor – I Octane
43. Gimmie Likkle One Drop – Tarrus Riley
44. Save The Music – Esco Levi
45. They Don't Know - Chronixx
46. You - Konshens
47. I Look To You – Terry Linen
48. Trying Man - Nature

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