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Garth Dennis - Trenchtown 19 3rd Street
On Oct 24th 2015 - 1678 views
Member of Black Uhuru and Wailing Souls released his first solo album this year.
Junior Reid Album Launch
On Aug 29th 2015 - 3123 views
Junior Reid launched his new album The Living Legend on August 25 in Kingston.

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Inner Circle 50th Anniversary Celebration
On Dec 22nd 2018 - 1257 views
"We backed up Bob Marley and played all over Jamaica"
Denzil Williams Jr, a bridge between Swedish reggae and Jamaica
On Dec 22nd 2018 - 861 views
"An established Jamaican artiste working with any Swedish artiste is a huge step here in Europe"
R.I.P. Jo Jo Hoo Kim
On Sep 23rd 2018 - 1642 views
One of the Hoo Kim brothers that launched Channel One just passed away.

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