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Interview: Ansel Collins in Kingston
On Apr 3rd 2017 - 11470 views
"I played for everybody"
Interview: Jackie Parris in Kingston (Part 1)
On Mar 20th 2017 - 11242 views
"I was a lover and not a warrior"
Interview: Queen Ifrica in Kingston
On Feb 12th 2017 - 9933 views
"Whatever you're going through, music can fix it"
Interview: Clive Hunt in Kingston (Part 3)
On Jan 15th 2017 - 10368 views
"I introduced the digital"
Interview: Clive Hunt in Kingston (Part 2)
On Jan 5th 2017 - 10171 views
"I produce, I arrange, I go home"
Interview: Clive Hunt in Kingston (Part 1)
On Jan 2nd 2017 - 10792 views
"I wanted to be an orchestra conductor"
Interview: Clinton Fearon (2016 - Part 2)
On Dec 18th 2016 - 11650 views
"I really loved Gladiators"
Interview: Clinton Fearon (2016 - Part 1)
On Dec 9th 2016 - 10475 views
"I am still shy but I work on disguising it"
Interview: Robbie Lyn in Kingston (Part 2)
On Nov 20th 2016 - 7624 views
"With the advent of digital the keyboards became more important"
Interview: Robbie Lyn in Kingston (Part 1)
On Nov 13th 2016 - 11177 views
"Full Up was just one of those days when there was no singer to record"
Interview: Oku Onuora in Kingston (Part 3)
On Nov 6th 2016 - 10851 views
"I am a voice of the people"
Interview: Oku Onuora in Kingston (Part 2)
On Oct 22nd 2016 - 12076 views
"I started to smuggle out my poems to my mother"
Interview: Oku Onuora in Kingston (Part 1)
On Oct 11th 2016 - 10479 views
"I always referred to myself as a political prisoner"
Interview: I Kong in Kingston (Part 2)
On Oct 3rd 2016 - 7639 views
"In due course of time every man is getting paid"
Interview: Jah9 in Kingston (2016)
On Sep 25th 2016 - 15558 views
"This record is even more personal"

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