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2009 Reggae Albums Top 10
On Dec 28th 2009 - 11189 views
The top 10 reggae albums of 2009.
Interview : Yellowman
On Dec 23rd 2009 - 6422 views
"The people are my energy. The Almighty God is my life."
Coming Back For you by Pressure
On Dec 11th 2009 - 2491 views
If it ain't 'Buss' don't fix it.
Interview : Chuck Fender
On Dec 4th 2009 - 6947 views
"The fastest thing to reach the people is music so that's what we have to use to reach the...
Fulfillment by Chuck Fender
On Nov 28th 2009 - 1780 views
A contrast between catchy backings and brash invective sees this record succeed.
French Connection by Perfect
On Nov 25th 2009 - 3675 views
Another fiercely intelligent record from the man named Greg Rose.
Dennis Alcapone interview part 2
On Nov 23rd 2009 - 9573 views
"I was the first singjay"
Dennis Alcapone interview part 1
On Nov 17th 2009 - 7440 views
"There's a lot of muck in the music at the moment"
Movin' Ahead by Lorenzo
On Oct 31st 2009 - 3920 views
Another St Ann Parish talent on the rise.
Various Artists - More Univershall
On Oct 11th 2009 - 5349 views
An unusual journey into reggae's leftfield for a very worthy cause.
I Grade by Chezidek
On Sep 29th 2009 - 6005 views
Chezidek and Sly & Robbie create the perfect strain
Justice by Lutan Fyah
On Aug 27th 2009 - 4414 views
Lutan Fyah is back on top.
Rebels With Cause by Tony Roots and Christine Miller
On May 17th 2009 - 1565 views
Two well-suited vocalists collide for a pleasingly rootsy Conscious Sounds affair.
Soothsayers meets Red Earth Collective - One More Reason
On May 5th 2009 - 1490 views
A band that can seemingly do no wrong.
The Universal Cure by Jah Cure
On Apr 26th 2009 - 6384 views
If you don't mind power ballads you'll enjoy this.

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