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Musically Mad
On Aug 7th 2008 - 7104 views
This Swedish documentary is a snapshot that should stand the test of time.
Herbs Music and Food by Guinney Pepper
On Aug 4th 2008 - 4714 views
New album from the familiar voiced singer featuring an all Jamaican all star cast
Born Dead With Life by Perfect
On Jul 30th 2008 - 6552 views
Could this be the best album of 2008?
Turbo Charged by Nitty Gritty
On Jul 28th 2008 - 3790 views
Nitty Gritty gets down to it on a reissue of this 1986 digital classic.
Challenges by Tarrus Riley
On Jul 17th 2008 - 3502 views
VP releases Tarrus' debut to fill the void while we wait for a third outing
Joe Gibbs Scorchers From The Mighty Two
On Jul 7th 2008 - 5716 views
Yet another Joe Gibbs reissue from 17 North Parade, but with tunes this good, who's complaining?
Self Medication by The Slackers
On Jul 6th 2008 - 8190 views
US ska veterans' 15th album showcases their human side
Rebellion The Recaller, Movin On
On Jul 2nd 2008 - 4077 views
Gambian vocalist meets German production team and Bobby Digital for an offbeat but accomplished...
Channel One Story Chapter Two
On Jun 30th 2008 - 2134 views
A strong compilation of Channel One releases from 17 North Parade.
The Harder They Come Musical
On Jun 27th 2008 - 3032 views
A new venue for this critically acclaimed show, based on the godfather of all reggae films
Servant Of Jah Army by Queen Omega
On Jun 24th 2008 - 3616 views
The Queen tones down her approach for her rootsiest and most satisfying album yet
Around Tu Shung Peng
On Jun 11th 2008 - 3059 views
A debut album for French band Tu Shung Peng featuring singers and deejays such as Ken Boothe, Justin...
Faya Horns Meet Mad Professor and Joe Ariwa
On Jun 6th 2008 - 4657 views
When French instrumentists duo Faya Horns meet producer Mad Professor and his son Joe Ariwa, the...
Interview : Perfect
On Jun 2nd 2008 - 5561 views
"A lot of myself went into this album, it’s very emotional and it relates to life so...
Interview : Winston McAnuff
On May 20th 2008 - 4791 views
"I maintain my roots in the music... so what you get is a pure fusion"

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