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Interview: Cornel Campbell part 2
On May 12th 2010 - 6959 views
"It never mattered to me who the public thought I was. As long as I know I am a decent person I'm...
Interview: Junior Kelly
On May 6th 2010 - 8354 views
"I don't think I should use any personal controversy to sell my music"
Diversity by Gentleman
On May 6th 2010 - 5131 views
Arguably his finest work.
The Rebirth by Pablo Moses
On May 4th 2010 - 3396 views
Humanity, compassion and conviction in equal measure.
Interview: Cornel Campbell part 1
On May 1st 2010 - 21149 views
"You had to know how to take Coxsone. How to move with him"
Holding On To Jah
On Apr 25th 2010 - 5450 views
A lovingly made, easily digestible presentation of its subject to the world.
Interview: Courtney John
On Apr 21st 2010 - 4109 views
"I'm like the Dr Phil of reggae !"
Strictly Dub by Prince Jammy
On Apr 12th 2010 - 2473 views
Dub needn't be dull with Jammy at the controls...
Jammys From The Roots
On Apr 9th 2010 - 2374 views
Jammy's early productions are well celebrated here.
Red Pond by Junior Kelly
On Apr 4th 2010 - 3941 views
Junior Kelly delivers and the world feels right with him back.
Interview: Chezidek
On Mar 28th 2010 - 7705 views
"A thousand years is just an evening gone in the sight of The Almighty"
Back in the Black Ark by The Congos
On Mar 22nd 2010 - 3241 views
Features intriguing departures from the group’s more famous works.
Harder Shade Of Black
On Mar 19th 2010 - 1823 views
If you’re fresh to the sounds of Santic this is a good place to start.
Walk Like Rasta by Solo Banton
On Mar 13th 2010 - 2589 views
Debut album from UK reggae artist with plenty to say.
Interview: Nereus Joseph
On Mar 4th 2010 - 3773 views
"People that want to hear strictly roots alone without one love song – that’s about...

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