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Gregory Isaacs and Friends

Gregory Isaacs and Friends

Mixed by Mick Sleeper

Out in January 2011 - Published on 10 Mar 2011 - Genre: Roots - 15726 views

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Gregory Isaacs – the Cool Ruler. We all knew him, we all loved him.

I didn't get around to doing a tribute podcast to Gregory after his death, but now I've come up with this showcase mix: Gregory's vocal versions followed by some top ranking DJ versions.

Thief A Man - Gregory Isaacs
Gimme Mi Gun - Dr. Alimantado
Handcuff - Gregory Isaacs
House Of Jah - Prince Far I
Slave Master - Gregory Isaacs
Take A Dip - Dillinger
Tumbling Tears - Gregory Isaacs & Ranking Barnabas
Chunnie You A Number One - Gregory Isaacs & Trinity
Late At Night - Gregory Isaacs
Late Hour - I Roy
I'll Be Around - Gregory Isaacs
One Thousand Swords - Augustus Pablo
The Border - Gregory Isaacs & U Brown
The Winner - Gregory Isaacs
Weatherman Tam - Prince Far I

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