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Richie Spice

Richie Spice

Mixed by Mick Sleeper

Out in February 2011 - Published on 10 Mar 2011 - Genre: Modern Roots - 22178 views

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Richie Spice is certainly one of the brightest lights in modern reggae and definitely my favourite modern roots man.

A crucial selection of tunes from Richie including 7" singles, a rare acoustic number plus an exclusive interview with the man from 2009. Roots with quality!

Gideon Boot
Move Dem Out
Who Dat
Bad Lamp
Time So Rough
Earth A Run Red (acoustic version with Etana)
Open The Door
Land Of Jamaica
High Grade
Youths Dem Cold 
Real Reggae

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Posted by Emma on 09.09.2016
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Posted by Johnette on 10.03.2016
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