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Far East

Far East

Mixed by Mick Sleeper

Out in October 2012 - Published on 13 Apr 2013 - Genre: Roots, Dub - 38792 views

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In the early 1970s came a new sound in reggae: spooky, haunting, and often eccentric minor key instrumentals featuring an exotic instrument, the melodica. It became known as the "Far East Sound". Young Augustus Pablo soon became famous for his distinctive music that seemed to come from another time and place – even more so when King Tubby got hold of the tapes. Even though Pablo is synonymous with the Far East sound, he wasn't the only one responsible for it – producers Clive Chin, Leonard Chin, and Herman Chin-Loy all played a role in shaping the vibes. So even though I am at the controls west of the River Nile, this is a deep selection of Far East music.

Peace And Love - Augustus Pablo
One Thousand Swords - Augustus Pablo
A Harder Shade Of Black - Augustus Pablo
A Better Shade Of Dub - Santic All Stars
Iggy Iggy - Augustus Pablo
I Man - Herman Chin Loy
Arabian Rock - Augustus Pablo
Pablo Express - Augustus Pablo
Jaro - Randy's All Stars
Hap Ki Do - Augustus Pablo
Addis Ababa - Augustus Pablo
East Africa / East Of The River Nile - Augustus Pablo
Cool Shade Dub - Augustus Pablo
Jah In The Hills - Augustus Pablo
A Java Instrumental - Augustus Pablo
JA Minor - Dub Syndicate
Yokohama - H. Kobayashi

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