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Majestic Melodies by Addis Pablo

Majestic Melodies by Addis Pablo

Majestic Melodies by Addis Pablo

By Erik Magni on Monday, April 3, 2017 - 13 comments

Majestic melodies on new Addis Pablo mixtape.


Addis Pablo – son of the late Augustus Pablo and head of the Suns of Dub crew – has a new mixtape out. Majestic Melodies is a collaboration between Rockers International and Equiknoxx Music and features 18 cuts; a mix of originals, dubs and remixes of classic reggae and hip-hop songs, including versions of Drake's Controlla and Dr Dre's Forget About D.R.E.

The set comes with guest vocals from several greats – Earl 16, Earl Zero, Shanique Marie and Mr. Williamz to name a few. And on top of it all Addis Pablo showcases his skills on both the melodica and the xylophone.

Majestic Melodies is the first solo mixtape from Addis Pablo following his 2014 debut album In My Father's House. The mixtape precedes the official Majestic Melodies EP release of all original productions, to be followed by a vinyl release later in 2017.

Listen to the mixtape below.

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