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Interview: Big Youth in Kingston
On Mar 12th 2019 - 33909 views
"The system stifles me man"
Interview: Mikey Chung in Kingston (Part 2)
On Jan 18th 2019 - 24388 views
"I'm a musician. I go for feel"
Interview: Mikey Chung in Kingston (Part 1)
On Dec 12th 2018 - 27293 views
"We just liked the music to go through, in the best way we thought possible"
Interview: Royal Sounds
On Nov 7th 2018 - 18793 views
"Whatever your art is,  just do it to the highest standard"  
Interview: Joe Isaacs in Kingston (Part 2)
On Oct 24th 2018 - 5688 views
"Coxsone used to treat us like we were his kids"
Interview: Joe Isaacs in Kingston (Part 1)
On Oct 12th 2018 - 9190 views
"There are drummers who have their own signature"
Interview: Tan Tan Thornton (Part 2)
On Aug 1st 2018 - 7182 views
"I'm going to play until I drop"
Interview: Tan Tan Thornton (Part 1)
On Jul 27th 2018 - 5930 views
"Everything I did, I got lucky"
Feeling Festival 2018
On Jul 17th 2018 - 4400 views
Alborosie, Tarrus Riley and Israel Vibration in Tenerife.
Interview: Alborosie (2018)
On Jun 29th 2018 - 10462 views
"My visions! They always carry me to different places!"
Interview: Kabaka Pyramid at Bob Marley Museum
On Apr 25th 2018 - 5630 views
"Each life presents us with new opportunities"
Interview: Toots Hibbert and his grandson King Trevy in Kingston
On Apr 3rd 2018 - 11547 views
"Singing was better than boxing. You don't have to punch anyone!"
Interview: Delroy Melody (Part 3)
On Feb 26th 2018 - 9658 views
"Reggae music stands up strong in the world"
Interview: Delroy Melody (Part 2)
On Feb 12th 2018 - 6846 views
"I love to sing. I'd sing 50 songs in an hour."
Interview: Delroy Melody (Part 1)
On Jan 30th 2018 - 7980 views
"Bunny Lee paid attention to us like a father"

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