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Interview: Jackie Jackson talks Treasure Isle
On Aug 5th 2016 - 15046 views
"Robbie and Familyman kind of see me as a mentor"
Ernest Ranglin & Friends Live in London
On Jul 1st 2016 - 5318 views
The guitar maestro says goodbye at the Barbican.
Interview: Dennis Walks in Kingston
On May 1st 2016 - 7174 views
"Harry Mudie was so unique in his music"
Interview: Stranger Cole in Kingston
On Mar 20th 2016 - 7092 views
"My proudest musical moment was ska"
Interview: Carlton Manning in Kingston (Part 2)
On Mar 14th 2016 - 6896 views
"A good love song will never die"
Interview: Carlton Manning in Kingston (Part 1)
On Mar 6th 2016 - 8807 views
"I will pay any amount of money for a good pair of shoes"
Interview: Kiddus I in Kingston (Part 2)
On Feb 28th 2016 - 6717 views
"Rockers was a crackers"
Interview: Kiddus I in Kingston (Part 1)
On Jan 26th 2016 - 7164 views
"We ran the gauntlet of persecution"
Interview: Norman Grant from Twinkle Brothers
On Jan 15th 2016 - 9694 views
"We only go where the music takes us"
Interview: Flabba Holt in Kingston (Part 3)
On Jan 4th 2016 - 7190 views
"Style Scott was like my son"
Interview: Flabba Holt in Kingston (Part 2)
On Dec 22nd 2015 - 7784 views
"We never got a penny from Greensleeves boss"
Interview: Flabba Holt in Kingston (Part 1)
On Dec 19th 2015 - 10319 views
"I never wanted to imitate. I liked having my own style" 
Bunny Lee's birthday in London
On Nov 29th 2015 - 4698 views
The veteran producer celebrates at the Jazz Café.
Interview: Al Breadwinner
On Oct 31st 2015 - 10803 views
"Big Youth was playing football with my dog in the garden. He just fit right in"
Interview: Prince Malachi
On Sep 30th 2015 - 5284 views
"The system will never give you what is yours rightfully – you always have to take it back"

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