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Interview: Alpheus & Roberto Sanchez (2017)
On Oct 15th 2017 - 2349 views
"We wanted to raise the bar on this third album"
Interview: Winston McAnuff in Kingston (Part 1)
On Oct 10th 2017 - 1674 views
"When you catch the tide you have to ride it!"
Interview: Marcia Griffiths in Kingston (Part 2)
On Sep 29th 2017 - 1505 views
"Music is the greatest weapon that we have."
Interview: Marcia Griffiths in Kingston (Part 1)
On Sep 20th 2017 - 3003 views
"A voice said 'Little girl, you'd better start singing'"
Africa Unites the Wailers and Bombino at the Reggae University
On Sep 17th 2017 - 2116 views
The original Wailers share their history of travelling in Africa – while Bombino talks about...
Interview: The Silvertones at Rototom Sunsplash
On Sep 6th 2017 - 2293 views
"We started in the backyard and it was history"
Interview: Dean Fraser in Kingston (Part 2)
On Aug 24th 2017 - 2977 views
"If I fight against other musicians I would be fighting myself"
Beenie Man and Nadine Sutherland tell the Reggae University their dancehall stories
On Aug 24th 2017 - 1376 views
The two child stars turned dancehall hitmakers reminisced with author and journalist John Masouri...
Deep Roots History at the Reggae University: The Music of Mento and Don Carlos
On Aug 20th 2017 - 2811 views
Don Carlos shares his journey in reggae while the film Pimento and Hot Pepper traces the first...
Inna De Yard Spread Love Unconditionally at Reggae University
On Aug 17th 2017 - 2355 views
The acoustic Jamaican collective touch hearts and minds with their unplugged collaboration.
Interview: Ben Up and Barnabas talk Channel One (Part 3)
On Aug 9th 2017 - 3027 views
"When Paulie died everything changed"
Interview: Dean Fraser in Kingston (Part 1)
On Aug 4th 2017 - 4466 views
"You have to go where the music is pointing"
Interview: Ben Up and Barnabas talk Channel One (Part 2)
On Jul 31st 2017 - 3057 views
"Channel One was dominating the whole thing"
Interview: Ben Up and Barnabas talk Channel One (Part 1)
On Jul 19th 2017 - 6344 views
"The main thing that built Channel One studio is the jukebox"
Interview: Droop Lion
On Jul 3rd 2017 - 6647 views
"I'm coming from darkness to the light"

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