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Interview: Chezidek (Irie Day Track by Track)
On Jan 9th 2018 - 6187 views
"Long time I wanted to produce some songs, cause I am a songwriter"
Interview: Anthony B in Born Fire Studios (Portmore)
On Feb 5th 2016 - 4911 views
"Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, they didn't sound like any nice persons"
Interview: Dalton Harris at Penthouse Records
On Jan 30th 2016 - 3953 views
"That is music, it's the best vehicle that I could have been gifted with"
Interview: Ratigan
On Jan 13th 2016 - 3893 views
"A lot of people have studio, but not everybody can mix or master a song to perfection"
Interview: Things you didn't know about Derajah
On Apr 24th 2015 - 11550 views
"We have monsters that live amongst us and we should all look out"
More Than Music by Dan Bowskill
On Mar 12th 2008 - 4643 views
Here is More Than Music, the debut album from UK singer Dan Bowskill due out for April.

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