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Hi-Kee's Self Reliance

Hi-Kee's Self Reliance

Hi-Kee's Self Reliance

By Ras Achis on Monday, January 24, 2011 - Comment

Hi Kee crosses the globe to deliver his impressive debut album.


The very impressive globetrotting Hi-Kee checks in early 2011 with the release of his very first full length album for True Sounds Records, 'Self Reliance'. The album comes after Hi-Kee went on a global tear in 2009 and '10, having recorded for label after label around the world before finally finding a homebase with the wonderful boys and girls at True Sounds from out of the UK. So - Listeners can expect big time evidence of the Manchester native's musical travels on the album.

Hi-Kee - Self RelianceWhere exactly has Hi Kee been??? He's worked with the New Zealand based Reality Chant Productions and throughout Europe as well with the likes of respectable labels such as House of Riddim, Rootdown Records, Bassrunner Productions, The Scrucialists and up and comers Maasto Records from out of Finland (yes, Finland) - All of whom have work which appears on 'Self Reliance' which also features strong combinations with Sophia Squire, Mykal Rose and a single tune, Babylon Your System Collapse, which features Hi Kee alongside both Luciano and the legendary Brigadier Jerry.

Although the buzz surrounding this one may not be too great as of yet, the album is very good and listeners worldwide can get a big digital taste of Hi Kee's debut album, 'Self Reliance' on February 4.

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