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Rebel Salute 2013 (Chapter 2)
On Feb 17th 2013 - 3920 views
Tony Rebel's "Preservation of Reggae Music".
Songs Of Redemption
On Feb 10th 2013 - 5230 views
New movie about music in Jamaican prison.
Capleton in Texas
On Nov 3rd 2012 - 2854 views
Capleton, Kulcha Knox and Jah Thunder played at Flamingo Cantina in Austin, Texas on October 19th.
Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2012 - Chapter 2
On Oct 7th 2012 - 4105 views
A festival overflowing with love vibes, embraced in diversity, and organized with thoughtful...
Interview: Duane Stephenson
On Jun 21st 2012 - 3158 views
"I'd rather be a citizen of the world than a citizen of just August Town. The names and the places...
Rebel Salute 2012
On Feb 9th 2012 - 3876 views
The festival took part on January 14th, 2012 at Port Kaiser's Sports Arena, Alligator Pond, St....
Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2011 - Part 1
On Jun 28th 2011 - 7111 views
Country Roads, Sierra Nevada Music Festival 2011
Taj Weekes and Adowa at SXSW 2011
On Apr 9th 2011 - 3606 views
The singer from St Lucia played at the music and media Conference in March.
Rebel Salute 2011
On Feb 2nd 2011 - 7711 views
Rebel to the Core.
Interview: Lloyd Brown
On Feb 1st 2011 - 5244 views
"I was not born in Jamaica and I don't think that should be a handicap to me or my music"
RALAK 2010
On Sep 29th 2010 - 6290 views
RALAK 2010 is primarily focused on funding The Rastafari Trust Fund for Elders and Youth.
Interview: Zema
On Jun 16th 2010 - 5784 views
"It was at this point I began to understand the vibe and understated power behind reggae...

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