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Interview: Chantelle Ernandez
On Nov 30th 2013 - 2147 views
"If I can open the gates and doors for other young Jamaican females, I am so happy to do that"
Interview: Bunna from Africa Unite
On Aug 10th 2013 - 3136 views
"When we realised that music can be our life, our way of surviving – this was the highest...
Interview: Ranking Roger from The Beat
On Jun 27th 2013 - 4142 views
"The music business is awful."
Interview: Neil Perch from Zion Train
On May 11th 2013 - 2353 views
"The turning point for me was when I first saw the Jah Shaka sound play"
Interview: Alpha Blondy Gives Thanks and Praise to the Lord
On Mar 12th 2013 - 5337 views
"There are so many things that reggae can bring and give to the youth besides the smoking of ganja"
Interview: Lee Perry Speaks His Mind
On Jan 26th 2013 - 3692 views
"Many men sell their soul to the God of money. Some even sell their souls to reggae"
Barrington Levy - Sweet Reggae Music (1979-1984)
On Jan 20th 2013 - 2010 views
Barrington Levy double disc anthology.
The Bionic Rats... Should Be Seen and Not Heard
On Dec 22nd 2012 - 1012 views
Alongside their well established capacity to 'raise the house' in live gigs, this album will...
Interview: Cedric Myton
On Dec 16th 2012 - 3027 views
"Heart of the Congos album - no, I didn't realise the impact it would have"
Interview: Max Romeo
On Nov 26th 2012 - 3329 views
"I've been on the road for 46 years ... It only gets better. I think that's a great achievement"
Fred Locks - Reggae Legends
On Nov 17th 2012 - 1628 views
Fred Locks rides again.
Interview: Stephen Marley at Summerjam 2012
On Sep 10th 2012 - 32280 views
"We have to defend ourselves and what our parents work for"
Jah Shaka and Neil Perch at Rototom 2012
On Sep 6th 2012 - 3140 views
Doctors and deans of dub deliver at Reggae University.
Masters of Roots and Culture at Reggae University
On Aug 27th 2012 - 2217 views
The Congos and The Wailing Souls talk about Rastafari and Jamaican music at Rototom 2012.
Interview: Russ Disciples
On Aug 15th 2012 - 2615 views
"Making music and getting it played by someone like Jah Shaka... was quite a revelation"

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