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Copper Cat Killed

Copper Cat Killed

Copper Cat Killed

By Ras Achis on Sunday, January 23, 2011 - 9 comments

Jamaican deejay was killed Thursday night at the age of 22.


Copper Cat and Richie StephensMost ridiculously and most fucked up, Demar Graham - The up and coming Jamaican Dancehall DJ known as Copper Cat was recently killed in front of the home of his mentor, the very respected singer Richie Stephens, in Kingston, Jamaica. Copper Cat was reportedly shot for his Blackberry device which he refused to hand over to the potential robbers. Copper Cat had been in the public eye from very young as a disciple of Stephens', performing with and recording for the singer when he was a child and he had tunes such as Tears, Life Goes On and Fren Murderer (for which he shot a video) and Bogus Gallis on Ward 21's Cosa Nostra Riddim in 2010. Graham was just 22 years old.

In honour of his good friend, the sensational Khago, one of Reggae's breakout stars of 2010, has recorded the tune Coppa Gone Too Soon.

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Posted by Deb on 01.24.2011
How could you kill someone for a fucking blackberry. WTF

Posted by collete jones...AKA shortie,,,, on 01.24.2011
See it tho...... Dem evil... Parrasites... D germs a life. Taken d youth life fe a phone... Dem ting is words fail me... Him needs fe lock up fe life... What the ???? My prayers and thaughts are wid the familey right now... If you no no anythink about that shootin... Let the police no... You can stay out d picture... As residue of a gun stays inna yuh skin fe a good while... Not visible to the human eye... But visible through lazer test... If you no stop this shit... Keepin it real shortie ...

Posted by Strongtree on 01.24.2011
I am sick of these evil doers, the killing of innocent people seems to never end with dem, another reggae artist murdered just like Prince Fari, Hugh Mundell, Pan Head and so many others. My prayers go out to the family, Jah bless.

Posted by Mr rhymebus nija! on 01.31.2011
What a wicked and ungodly thing 2 do kill a boy bekos a of blackberry? What an vill act!

Posted by Dub on 02.02.2011
Killed for a Blackberry ? REALLY ? SERIOUSLY ? A DAMN PHONE EQUALS A LIFE ? Many things about this world sadden me. R.I.P. Copper.

Posted by yamin on 02.05.2011
The crazy thing is about 4-years ago is some some 1 pulled KNIFE out on him and took another phone that my brother gave 2 him. But this the ULTIMATE. R.I.P COPPA

Posted by jerry neville on 02.16.2011
As long as society values material growth over spiritual growth and personal acquisition and vanity are regarded as the norm - such events will continue to occur worldwide. RIP Coppa - "Yuh gone too soon"

Posted by CXTER 101 on 02.22.2011

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