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Life Teachings by I-Wayne

Life Teachings by I-Wayne

Life Teachings by I-Wayne

By Ras Achis on Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 1 comment

Reggae star I-Wayne reaches with brand new album.


In the midst of very popular peers such as Tarrus Riley, Queen Ifrica and others rising to prominence over the last few years, it has become somewhat easy to forget that, just a few short years ago, in that very same spot was yet another group of very powerful up and comers. This lot included the likes of Fantan Mojah, I-Wayne - Life TeachingsWarrior King and a peculiar singer from out Portmore, I-Wayne. After two successful releases with the largest Reggae imprint in the world, VP Records, I-Wayne is back with his third studio set for the label, 'Life Teachings'.

Besides what remains his largest hit to date, the mammoth One Man Can't Satisfy Her, I-Wayne is known as an artist who lifts up righteousness and calls down condemnation on negativity and wickedness wherever he sees it existing and that continues well throughout the new album. Joining the singer along his way is another big name who has enjoyed a sensational rise over the past few years, Roots Princess Etana on Life Joy, as well leading Dancehall lyricist, Agent Sasco who appears on the well spun Fire Song. Listeners should also be aware of the big big title track as well as the very strong and very curious Drugs & Rum Vibes.

The term 'most anticipated' is completely overused in Reggae and all of music, for that matter but... One of the "most anticipated" albums of 2011; I-Wayne's 'Life Teachings' from VP Records arrives in stores on October 11th.

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Posted by IrieItes on 03.28.2012
Apparently 'Life Teaching' is suppose to promote a positive message. Another artists that promote the hatered of gays and lesbians. He recently used the song 'Burn Down Soddom' to promote discrimination onstage durning his North American tour (probably the same patern in Europe). For some reggae fans, this type of speech is tolerated and even appreciated, but this can have drastic repercution in some countries like Jamaica. Just recently, there was two violent death of gay men. It's impossible to establish a link between homophobic songs and violent actions, but one thing is sure, this doesn't help the difficult situation in the Caribbean. I-Wayne is not the worst when it comes to homophobic songs, but he seems to be going in a similar path like Sizzla. Some will say that the level of homophobia in the Caribbean is cultural. To this I reply: hatered is not cultural, it must be challenged and specially not honoured. On our side of the Atlantic, what we could do socialy is boycott people who hold hate speech. Discrimination and violence targeted towards gay people is something that shouldn't be promoeted. In the lyrics are available on the website Murder Inna Dancehall in the SONGS & LYRICS section. (the website can easily be found through Google). Yesterday I was watching the reggae movie Cool Runnings. At one poin, the coach (John Candy) ask one of the racer what Cool Runnings means? Than Derice reply: Peace be the journey.

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