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Mr. Vegas Wants To Save Foundation Reggae

Mr. Vegas Wants To Save Foundation Reggae

Mr. Vegas Wants To Save Foundation Reggae

By Erik Magni on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 1 comment

Help Mr. Vegas to save foundation reggae.

Mr VegasJamaican dancehall superstar Mr. Vegas is concerned that reggae music is dying and being replaced by hip-hop sounding beats.

Therefore he urges fellow musicians and music fans to sign the Save Foundation Reggae Petition. It’s an appeal to radio disk jockeys to play at least ten minutes of foundation reggae music in their program.

“Some radio disk jockeys do not pay homage to foundation reggae music, it is not even on their playlist, while others have shelved foundation reggae and replaced it with hip hop sounding beats that is being produced in Jamaica,” states the petition, and concludes:

“Our youths are not exposed to the work that our icons did to set the foundation and artists like Dennis Brown, Alton Elis, Culture, Delroy Wilson, Cynthia Schloss, Hortense Ellis and Gregory Isaacs are no longer here to showcase their work, so we must play our part in keeping their legacy alive.”

If you want to help Mr. Vegas to save foundation reggae you can sign the petition here:

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Posted by daniel on 12.07.2011
When people are forced to play music to 'save' it, it marginalizes both the old and new. I suggest covering classics as a way to introduce the roots to the leaves. The disk jockey's job is not to keep the old relevant but to entertain. IMHO.

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