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Ras Nyto and Winston Fergus on King Earthquake

Ras Nyto and Winston Fergus on King Earthquake

Ras Nyto and Winston Fergus on King Earthquake

By Johana Miller on Sunday, January 27, 2008 - 3 comments

UK sound system and label King Earthquake officially releases some of its original dub-plate mixes on 10’’.


Ras Nyto - Tribulation / What A Joy (King Earthquake)

Some may had already heard those Errol Arawak’ original productions during King Earthquake sound sytem dances…It’s now official, Errol Arawak has finally decided to release his powerful dubplates as the heavy Tribulation voiced by Ras Nyto. A great news for many UK stepper fans who awaited that for long time.

The first release features Tribulation vocal cut and its dub version Tribulation Dub, followed by What A Joy with Ras Nyto on vocals on B Side. Second 10’’ release features 2 heavy songs from Winston Fergus accompanied by their dub versions. Tuff stepper tunes!

Winston Fergus - Too Much War / Jah Is Wonderful (King Earthquake)

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Posted by themidrange on 01.30.2008

Winston 'Sugarcane' Fergus meets King Earthquake - KELP 002
Izyah Davis meets King Eartquake - KELP 003

Both due for release in the coming months!!

Posted by xavier on 01.30.2008

We dont forget this. You can send more informations to our mail (see contact us).

P.S: thanks for the membership.

Posted by hurukan on 02.05.2008
I remember, I was in France at Bagnolle Sur Ceze, during the festival called "ja sound festival" in 2005... the crowd were numerous and created a real human flood between the King earthquake's, king shilo's and abashanti I sound boxes. Suddenly, Errol, announced "...well now, london's burnin' hot ras nyto at the vocals..." and he launched the tribulation dub with ras nyto and the crowd gone wild fulla iration, steppin' pon the riddim, never seen that in the dances before...
And I took attention to the lyrics and realized this chune was a real murderation inna dubplate style... thank you Errol to have fulfilled the role of a sound operator/producer... he is a real example for me: who has waited for this chune to be released ? Lotta selectaz believe me !
I'm sure this chune ago mek massives skank for years !!

Laaaarge uuuuup King Earthquake !!

Hurukan Stylah
Ubuntu Edutainment Project, Belgium

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