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Gangs of Jamaica - The Babylonian Wars

Gangs of Jamaica - The Babylonian Wars

Gangs of Jamaica - The Babylonian Wars

By Erik Magni on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 3 comments

A story of the gangs of Jamaica.

Jamaica is a violent and dangerous country. According to Jamaica Observer statistics indicate that 860 people have been murdered so far this year, compared to 820 over the similar period 2012.

Gangs of JamaicaThis is something Thibault Ehrengardt knows very well. He’s a French freelance journalist, former chief editor of the now defunct French reggae magazine Natty Dread and author of several books about Jamaica. His latest project is a book on the gangs of Jamaica.

A few years after the downfall of Christopher “Dudus” Coke, probably the most important godfather of the island, Thibault Ehrengardt went to Jamaica to patrol the most volatile areas with the police and to meet several gang leaders with the aim to understand the general situation on the island.

He witnessed organized crime, ruthless politicians and gruesome warlords.

Gangs of Jamaica was originally issued only in French but is now also available in English as a e-book.

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Posted by Kato Kenneth, uganda on 11.16.2013
W'eve seen many people fall, as an African. I'd like to see I Fellow Ja-fricans live in love, peace, harmony but what is really the root cause? After its diognised, then a solution could come up!

Posted by DREAD Editions on 12.01.2013
Reviewed in the Gleaner, rated as ESSENTIAL:

Posted by Nat Turner on 12.02.2013
Facebook hosts terrorists organization,
The Boeremag (farmer force) have just been jailed for treason,
following a plot to bomb, then, President Mandela,
igniting a race war where Black South Africans and Asians would be driven out of the country and a racist regime installed.
They previously detonated 9 bombs resulting in loss of life,
including the bombing of a mosque and Buddhist temple.
A support page for such people is not in the interest of any
of the people of South Africa,
Please let Facebook know that.

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