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R.I.P. Peter Broggs

R.I.P. Peter Broggs

R.I.P. Peter Broggs

By Erik Magni on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 - 2 comments

Reggae legend Peter Broggs has died.


Peter BroggsLegendary reggae singer Peter Broggs died on December 19, 2015, at the age of 61. In 2004 he suffered a severe stroke and never fully recovered.

He started his career in the 70s and he was deeply spiritual and most songs he recorded was about the Rastafari movement. He released several albums throughout the years, including strong sets like Rastarai Liveth! in 1982 and Jah Golden Throne in 2000. His hit song International Farmer was also relicked a few years ago by French label FuryBass to wide acclaim.

Peter Broggs' family is currently collecting funds for his wake and funeral arrangements. If you want to contribute you can head over to crowd-funding site gofundme.

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Posted by isa teaukura on 12.22.2015
Sad about that. He got some mean reggae sounds that awake da heart soul and mind. May he rest in peace and in da place what he always sing about. His love his faith and his music... lives forever. See you in Mt Zion. Jah bless your soul...Fly away home ... Thanks Jah for you. Giving me your songs of life.... Soulrastatokoroa nz.........

Posted by Fabricio on 12.29.2015
Peter Broggs is, for me, an icon of the roots age of reggae music. His works at ras records are among the finest I´ve ever heard. It´s impossible to not feel in the mood after listening to songs such as "jah voice is calling" and "international farmer". Rest in peace, true rastaman and concious singer.

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