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Sugar Minott passed away

Sugar Minott passed away

Sugar Minott passed away

By Max-Him on Sunday, July 11, 2010 - 13 comments

The godfather of dancehall died yesterday in Jamaica aged 54.


The rumour has been circulating on the internet for a few hours, but now it looks like Sugar Minott's death has been confirmed. The Jamaican singer had been suffering from heart disease for quite some time.

Sugar Minott had a great career that began with the group African Brothers then solo recording his first album for Coxsone Dodd at Studio One. He also played a big role in the career of artists such as Junior Reid, Tristan Palmer, Tony Tuff, Yami Bolo, Garnett Silk and many more with his musical school Youth Promotion. RIP.


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Posted by Jodalephe on 07.11.2010
Sugar Minott helped me through many bad days in my life. His lovely voice, singing uplifting lyrics, always helped me to see the light and made me smile again. I miss you terribly. Man has a thousand plans, heaven but one.~ Chinese Proverb

Posted by Spida on 07.11.2010
Continuing Jah works from higher places. Always helping the less fortunate one. Blessing forever. JAH CONTROL

Posted by DonSchlonzo on 07.12.2010
What a pity. Condolences to his family and friends.
Thanks a lot for countless hours of joy his music gave me.
Sugar Minott, you'll be missed.

Posted by Papa Far-I on 07.12.2010
Jah Guide Protect and Bless. Sugar Minott lived a distinguished life of great service to reggae music uplifting mankind. Our condolences to the Minott family and extended family...

Posted by Strongtree on 07.13.2010
Another Reggae Great to enter the gates of Zion, Sugar Minott will be missed greatly but his memory, music and what he did to help and uplift the youth will live on forever, Jah Bless.

Posted by Chiwama on 07.13.2010
Rest in Peace. Was listening to your music Saturday, without knowing you had passed on! My condolences to Lincoln Sugar Minott's family. A tragic period indeed!

Posted by R.FRESH on 07.13.2010
Nuff RESPECT to the great Sugar Minott, his message and teachings live on forever. BLESS

Posted by Ninny on 07.13.2010
R.I.P one great Artist who will be missed Sugar was a great singer xxx

Posted by The Scientist on 07.13.2010
Sugar I miss you, they tried to sink you and any one who oppose Babylon and make songs that shake and crumble the walls of Babylon and rid the world of vampires.

You are not dead make sour to link up with Bob Marley and Cary-out the orders of Jah, oppose Babylon and make songs that shake and crumble the walls of Babylon and rid the world of vampires.

Sugar Minott is on the other side now working for IandI, get King Tubbys to build you a system that shake all evil things apart,in the mean time the rest of the crew launching missiles attacking evil from every corner of the earth.

The Scientist Commander an Chief of M.J.D. Music Justice Department protector of the hark of the covenant

Josey Wales radar jammer
Super Cat The Wild Apache cruse missile specialists
Flaba Holt ,Robert Shakespeare chief of Low Frequency Shock Wave.
Santa Davis Top Mushroom Snare Vampire Castrator
Style Scott ,Sly Dunbar Intergalactic Vampire Killer.
Michigan and Smiley Minister of Biological warfare experts.
Ras Michel Chief Justice
Erl China Smith Master of Military Camouflage
The Meditations Minister of Diplomacy
Digital Tubbys Head of Sociological Warfare
The C.J.A Central Justice Agency can't call names.

The C.J.A Central Justice Agency can't call names WANTS DEAD OR LIVE

PLEASE CALL 911911 Santa Davis top mushroom snare vampire Castration and Style Scott Intergalactic vampire killer to handle Princess JAMMYS AKA Osama bin Laden .

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Tenor Saw Ring the alarm about Green thieves and VP how they only promote music that promote evil.
When you Brother Bob Marley and the rest of the crew on the other side in the spirit world catch the boy saton, princess jammys ,green thieves and vp tell King Tubbys to crank up the jack hammer drumandbass until Carlton Barret one drop kick drum sink them in the bottom less pit, and the snare drum drive a stale trough the wicked hart and the Hyatt spit fire and burn them in the eternal flames The Sun

Tribute to all our solders working in the spirit world.

Posted by Asiatic on 07.17.2010
Peace, I have the pleasure to meet and drive Sugar Minott a few years ago in Northern California @ Angel Camp we had a chance to reason and enjoy the day.....I'm very thankful to the all mighty that I had the chance to meet this righteous brother

Posted by Ras Kago on 07.19.2010
There are so many sign in life, you leave today and tommorow you're gone. May Almighty Father keep your soul in peace, my condolences goes to all member of Minott Family. Rest in peace.

Posted by Tufflea on 07.20.2010
Loved your music, your voice and your lyrics. Your music will live on in the hearts and minds of all Reggae lovers. Nuff Respect, One love x

Posted by Morroco on 08.20.2010
Sad to have gone too soon. Your spirit lives on the the songs. Rest In Peace. African Brother.
Ayo Ola
Brooklyn, NY

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