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Buju Banton's Before The Dawn

Buju Banton's Before The Dawn

Buju Banton's Before The Dawn

By Ras Achis on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 6 comments

The Reggae superstar readies his latest album from behind bars.


While it remains to be seen if his long delayed trial will actually kick off this month as planned, what seems far more certain is that Jamaican Reggae & Dancehall superstar, Buju Banton, is set to release a brand new album through his very own Gargamel Music imprint, 'Before The Dawn'. The timing of the album is somewhat interesting as it also coincides with his trial in America on drug charges and it also happens to come just a year after releasing the very well received 'Rasta Got Soul' album.

The still incarcerated artist reportedly was very involved in the compiling of the tracks that make up this album which were all, obviously, voiced prior to his legal woes. Still, by checking in at just ten songs in full and being just a year after his last studio album (which is very un Buju-like), 'Before The Dawn' definitely has the feel of being hurried and rushed together by the label. Although fans have seemingly reacted quite well to the early pre-release Innocent.

Regardless of the outcome of his trial, Buju Banton and Gargamel Music are set to release 'Before The Dawn' on September 28 on both digital and CD formats.

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Read comments (6)

Posted by Jamali on 09.15.2010
Buju will forever strong will be giving our support next week for him, the grace of jah will never leads u, where u are not protected.

Posted by dalecooper on 09.15.2010
I think you're right that it was rushed, but from the samples (and couple of full songs) I've heard it's still a quality release - just too short! I guess I'll take what I can get though considering Buju's situation.

If anything I think Buju has been guilty of over-planning his albums, taking too many years to release them. That might be why some of them seem to want to hit every base at once (dancehall, reggae, ska, pop, etc.) instead of settling on a core style. I'd like it if Buju would slip an album out there a little more often, kind of like what happened with Too Bad. He could do one of those every other year like Sizzla does and I'd be quite happy.

Posted by Griffin68 on 09.16.2010
Buju's lawyer is confident that Mr Myrie will walk after the trial, he reports that the 2 other defendant in the case have made plea bargain with this one even got 25 years instead of a life sentence because he got caught twice before (3 strikes). Even though there are many videos around of Buju with these guys and even one of him tasting the coke, this does not concern his lawyer, Buju was in his bed on the actual day of the transaction, his lawyer maintains the trial is about drugs trafficking, not tasting the drug!

Posted by Nabby Clifford on 09.28.2010
My support to you and step out of this.

Posted by Mizz Red on 09.30.2010
I pray that jah delivers you from the net that they have laid privily for you. I believe the gay community is behind this and they need to accept that people can say whatever they want to say and this man put that song out almost 20 years ago and who cares that you are a batty boy we want good music...FREE BUJU...I LOVE YOU BUJU STAND STRONG

Posted by jahmarley kingston jamaica on 09.30.2010
Buju stand strong, the whole Jamaica is with you, we love you and we know you are not guilty but they want to punish you for speaking the truth. But who will punish the persecutor they cant kill our love for you. We love you Buju, we are praying that Jah will set you free from the hands of the eden. Love you Buju.

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