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The Treasure of Midnite

The Treasure of Midnite

The Treasure of Midnite

By Ras Achis on Monday, January 10, 2011 - 4 comments

Finally VP Records jumps on board with one of Reggae's most incomparable talents.


Have you ever asked yourself how Virgin Island Reggae superstars Vaughn Benjamin & Midnite manage to release 200 albums each and every year and not one of them, ever, has managed to attract the attention of the industry's leading label, VP Records? Midnite - TreasureIn fact, the label hasn't stepped into the region very much at all, despite the existence and activity level of seemingly very marketable names such as Pressure Busspipe, NiyoRah, Ras Attitude and others. Well, hopefully 2011 will begin a change in that because, along with Rastar Records, VP is on board with 'Treasure', the very first album release from Midnite this year.

If you're unfamiliar with the band (shame on you) typically what happens with the vast majority of their huge number of releases is that Midnite - The Band - is absent and is 'represented' by the vocalist and brilliant song writer, the walking genius that is Vaughn Benjamin. And while that also figures to be the case on this release, it's never hurt their popularity as the band maintains one of the most fervent fanbases to be found in the entire genre of Reggae music.

Those fans will surely be most interested on January 25th as 'Treasure' drops physically and digitally from Rastar and VP Records.

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Read comments (4)

Posted by Strongtree on 01.11.2011
Yes i agree the reggae artists from the Virgin Island's are up there with the best of them,Pressure,Abja,Niyorah,Ras Attitude,iba,Dezarie,Army,De Apostle,Batch and Midnite just to name a few.

Posted by dusan on 01.11.2011
Finally! Midnite is the best reggae band in the world. Vaughn and Ron are kings.

Posted by Kuda Kwashe on 04.12.2011
Was there ever a question whether they are the best. When I heard them for the first time I said (some would consider disrespectful) Bob Marley hasn't done this, I consider them better! THE BEST EVER!

The Truth

Posted by Loen on 07.01.2011
I got all his albums and I can say this again a master piece maybe one of the best albums from Vaughn.
Worth buying.

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