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The First Rasta, the Movie

The First Rasta, the Movie

The First Rasta, the Movie

By United Reggae on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 6 comments

The book published in 1999 in now also a movie.

The First RastaAfter several translations and numerous articles in the late 70's on Reggae and African music, journalist and writer Hélène Lee published in 1999 her second book in France. Translated into several languages, 'The First Rasta' is a thorough investigation of Leonard Percival Howell's life (1893-1981), the initiator and catalyst of the Rastafari Movement, considered by many as its founder.

Ten years later, Hélène Lee went back to Jamaica with cameraman C. Farnarier on the trail of a forgotten and overlooked, yet central character in the history of this movement. With a mix of archival footage and interviews of the members of his first community, Hélène Lee directed a fascinating documentary, moving a times, describing the life and personality of a man who, beyond the founding of the first Rastafari community of Pinnacle, has really laid the foundation of one of the first globalized vision of a world of justice ...

'The First Rasta' movie will be out on the 27th of April on French screens only. The DVD is planned for the fall and should include, in addition to an English version (audio and subtitles), an extensive bonus of original Rasta music and an interview with Hélène Lee.

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Posted by jahgreg on 03.30.2011
Yes I...
At to all children of Jah, at all reggae lovers and all the poeple curious from France, CHECK IT TO DISCOVER AN OTHER EXTRAORDINARY (HI)STORY OF THE RASTAFARI MOVEMENT : the life of LEONARD PERCIVAL HOWELL...


Give thanks to UR for this great news. UR is evrywhere... where are the good Irations !!!


Posted by misssunny on 03.30.2011
Brilliant trailer, this is the first movie ive been intrested in a long time and I hope to be among the first to see this flick

Posted by Thalia on 04.07.2011

Posted by yeshua on 04.19.2011
Where in the US can we see the movie, or online ?

Posted by Patricia Scarlett on 05.09.2011
Please visit to find out more about the feature documentary RASTA: A SOUL'S JOURNEY.


Posted by peter makapa on 08.14.2013
When is this movie be available to NEW ZEALAND general public to watch on TVNZ NZ on AIR?

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