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Jonahgold Rewards Unselfishness

Jonahgold Rewards Unselfishness

Jonahgold Rewards Unselfishness

By Erik Magni on Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 1 comment

Do one unselfish compassionate act and tell Jonahgold about it.

Sheya Mission - Nine Signs and Heavy BlissSwedish producer Jonahgold has decided to promote and reward unselfishness. The compensation for doing a good deed is, of course, the act in itself, but also Sheya Mission’s acclaimed debut album 'Nine Signs & Heavy Bliss' released earlier this year.

It is very simple. You undertake one unselfish act and tell Jonahgold about it by sending a picture or a line where you describe the good deed. This goes on for the rest of the year.

You can send your unselfish contributions by Jonahgold at jonahgold /at/

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Posted by Jonahgold on 08.10.2011
Hi, a short little update on the Compassionate Campaign. As the world spins into turmoil, here's another side of the coin...

So far we are sending the album "Nine Signs & Heavy Bliss" to five people who have all gone beyond their comfort and reached out to a fellow being just because they can.

I think I can speak for all in saying that the joy derived from this is of another quality. A boundless and unlimited one.

This is one of the stories received, we got Lindsays permission to share it with all of you along with her pledge for sending her niece to a Youth Enrichment Camp.

Come forward with your story, the more the merrier!
/ Jonahgold

You all are so sweet.
This summer, I raised $1200.00 soliciting friends and relatives online and used that money to take my 3 nieces to summer camp for the first time ever. They are 10, 7, and 5 and have recently been removed from their Mother's home due to severe neglect and abuse. I arranged scholarships for camps so that the $1200.00 could go a far way, as some of the camps were originally $600.00 per week. This summer between the 3 of them, they went kayaking on the San Juan Islands, performed on a professional stage with professional actors, dancers and singers, made beautiful art pieces, (some of which are now hanging in children's are installment in a rea; gallery), went to the zoo, petted animals and learned about them, went swimming, went to a children's museum, learned gymnastics, learned about healthy food and eating, talking about how to deal with drug and alcohol pressures and had sleepovers and auntie and uncle's house.

It has been a very rewarding summer. Thank you for the opportunity for free music and a chance to talk about this amazing experience, as it was truly that for me as well..

Lindsay Love
Manager / 2011
"It takes a whole village to raise a child"

Help my niece attend a Youth Enrichment Camp

My niece was removed from her Mother’s home this past winter because of severe neglect and abuse. She had lived with these conditions for almost 10 years at that point. During her short life she has cared for her Mother and her four siblings while
enduring drug abuse, emotional and physical abuse in her own home.

Your raffle dollars will help get her to YES! Camp this summer to learn the tools she will need to move past these experiences and become a happy, well adjusted adult. Thank you for participating in this healing and educational experience for one deserving child.
The YES! Camp at Cedar Ridge offers:

Traditional, unique and fun camp activities, along with life lessons designed to increase confidence & manage stress while gaining skills in friendship, leadership and teamwork.

We are working hard to send our niece to camp this August. Please join us.

- Lindsay Love
empresslove13 ( at )

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